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    Well, I’d rather have Funny Kevin Smith as my father, than Pretty Boy Kevin Smith.

    We’re not paying enough attention to Tom’s father’s little “laboratory accident.”

    You know, there’s a pretty funny character in the picture already, a hidden god with the potential for an infinite following.


    [quote=Iume;5432]Everytime I think Ares I can’t help but picture Kevin Smith from Hercules the Legendary Journey and Xena: Warrior Princess. Bad-ass leather; kept getting his ass beat. Eris was his fetish sidekick in those shows wasn’t she?[/quote]

    What, Silent Bob?


    Now you know! How apropos!

    That is about perfect. I had forgotten that song, I probably hadn’t heard it in a decade. MWRA doesn’t show up on local stages as much as say Company or Sweeny Todd which Sondheim also did with Hal Prince, among others.


    Wrong Kevin Smith. I mean this one: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0808963/


    [quote=Mikey;5433][quote=The Author Guy;5430]Well, the argument that Mikey was making before this was something akin to he is his own father. Or something a bit more complex.[/quote]

    As an architect and a consultant, one of my key attributes is appearing more clever than I really am, so that people interpret my stupid screw-ups as some sort of inscrutable genius.

    In the end, what people believe is more real, than what is.[/quote]

    You just described my modus operandi, for my day job. Which admittedly is the same line of work.


    [quote=The Author Guy;5404] Phoenxied, (assuming of course, that’s what this is).[/quote]
    If it looks like a Phonenix and quacks like a Phoenix… does it really matter that it’s a mallard in a costume?

    Besides, I’m starting to see where you might be going with this whole Orcus, Dis, Tommus, Rupert thingy.


    This is what I want to see below the end credits when the series ends, Talarius singing Sondheim’s Now You Know in drag:


    All right, now you know:
    Life is crummy.
    Well, now you know.

    I mean, big surprise:
    People love you and tell you lies.
    Bricks can fall out of clear blue skies.
    Put your dimple down,
    Now you know.

    Okay, there you go —
    Learn to live with it,
    Now you know.

    It’s called flowers wilt,
    It’s called apples rot,
    It’s called thieves get rich and saints get shot,
    It’s called God don’t answer prayers a lot,
    Okay, now you know.

    Okay, now you know,
    Now forget it.
    Don’t fall apart at the seams.
    It’s called letting go your illusions,
    And don’t confuse them with dreams.

    Yes sir, quite a blow —
    Don’t regret it,
    And don’t let’s go to extremes.
    It’s called what’s your choice?
    It’s called count to ten.
    It’s called burn your bridges, start again.
    You should burn them every now and then
    Or you’ll never grow!

    Because now you grow.
    That’s the killer, is
    Now you grow.

    You’re right, nothing’s fair,
    And it’s all a plot,
    And tomorrow doesn’t look so hot —
    Right, you better look at what you’ve got:
    Over here, hello?
    Okay, now you know,


    I’ve always kind of imagined Talarius as Peter Facinelli in The Big Kahuna:





    I can see that. Very similar.

    It’s been a long time since I saw that movie, in the theater. Kevin Spacey is a master of cynicism. Remembering this movie, watching the clips, I can see the future Frank Underwood. Guy did not seem to age much in 14 years. (1999 to 2013)


    To me it looks like something keeps popping out Orcus-shaped animus beings, the ones we know about starting from Dis and ending in Rupert.

    Perhaps when gods have kids, they don’t so much create them, as make an Orcus-shaped impression/mold in the spacetime of the universe/multiverse, which then slowly fills with animus and mana, and out pops Orcus, Dis, Tom, Rupert, probably some others who didn’t make it.

    Normally the patterns don’t produce immediate duplicates, except when somebody isn’t doing his intended job, or somebody else is screwing with the process. Or maybe Orcus’ mold is just particularly deep, for some reason. Maybe someone down there liked him enough to give it an extra shove. Perhaps Abyss is in need of a shakeup?

    Maybe people who live long enough simply create those impressions in the spacetime, without the need of divine intercession.

    Perhaps you also imprint a potential of your memories in the mold, and if your personality really happens to match your predecessor, you can access those easily enough.


    In The Big Kahuna’s world, when do you think Bob will see that Larry and Phil loved him, in their way, and tried to give him the best of what they had to give?

    I don’t get how reviewers talk about how the movie was about industrial lubricant salesmen, or even religion, when it’s so clearly about love, friendship and the struggle of trying to be a better person, for your friends.

    Reflecting to the Astlanverse at this time, Phaestus and Völund are the only involved characters who have enough self-confidence and the willingness to put some skin in the game, to teach Tom and Rupert these kinds of lessons. Of course I don’t know how you’ve planned the whole returning memories-thingy, and whether it’s only regarding tactical matters, or those kinds of memories have been returning because of the situation at hand.


    The real problem for the other characters is that while they are old, Orcus was all senior to them by a long shot.

    And being D’Orcs/orcs, they are not particularly comfortable with any thing to “personal” so they are good for teaching tactics etc. But I don’t think they would be comfortable going beyond that. For one thing, they’ve never Phoenxied, (assuming of course, that’s what this is).

    Assuming this is Phoenix Cycle I would consider it like anyone that’s had the sort of amnesia that mainly happens in movies. But even when it’s in real life say after a traumatic injury, or a fugue state, the idea is that you get them in surroundings/situations and things start to come back, be supportive and explain the context, but don’t try to rush things particularly if there touchy things.

    I think their attitude is sort of summed up in the Tom’s bedroom scene as phaestus and volund leave. It’s a part of life for them, and they’ll help guide him through, even as Orcus has probably done for others.



    I see glimmers of reality in the theory…:d/


    [quote=Mikey;5408]Besides, I’m starting to see where you might be going with this whole Orcus, Dis, Tommus, Rupert thingy.[/quote]

    Super! Please let me know so I can get there too! [smile]

    I think you said it earlier, is it true rebirth or is it a role that needs to be fulfilled and there is some knowledge that comes with the role?

    And in the grand scheme of things does it matter which it is as long as the office is occupied and there is continuity?

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