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    This is a character of Chinese myth, it’ll be interesting if the Chinese gods such as Mother Nuwa or Shenggong played a role in the later books or is at least mentioned.


    Well, well, well, quite an interesting theory.

    He shows up in v.IV so maybe I should ask him?



    Remember she’s got her sights on Gastrope’ although, I’m sure she’d be up for a “Devil’s Threesome” in this case, literally.


    [quote=George;6859]This is a character of Chinese myth, it’ll be interesting if the Chinese gods such as Mother Nuwa or Shenggong played a role in the later books or is at least mentioned.[/quote]

    To be honest, the ultimate and most ancient god of the historical chinese is neither the Buddha, Nuwa, Shenggong, or the other thousands of Deities and Sages who are late arrivals to Chinese lore and civilization.

    Most haven’t heard of Shangdi since the fall of chinese civilization, but the ultimate god was Di or Shangdi overlapping with the Taoist, Yudi (Jade Emperor) who has been engraved in the Oracle Bones since the Shang period. The Emperor/King’s duty was being the Son of Heaven, commit the Heavenly rites allowing the Son to communicate with this supreme being and reassuring that all is well and prosperous within the Middle Realm.

    The tradition of Shangdi/Heaven was followed until a century ago when western religions and our political ideals was exported and propagated by certain elements (May Movement, Sun Yat-Sen and Mao Tze-Tung) which swept away the last of traditional China by both Spiritual, Political and Physical means.

    Today, Shangdi is mostly forgotten and remembered only really by some elderly chinese or avid historical Sinologists/philes (or Ex ones anyway). The name now mostly refers to the Abrahamic god (mostly Christian) instead. This ancient god has been completely replaced.

    edited: Replaced all “hims” with the actual name of the god itself. The early gender for Shangdi was never defined. For much of its history, the god has never been defined explicitly to actually have a Physical manifestation until the advent of Neo-Taoism in china. Only later was the god represented artistically by among others, Neo-Taoists, to be a male ruler. Academically, I am of an opinion that it was simply a “conscious force” concept rather than an actual Humanoid being. In this respect, and despite the vast difference in culture, it shared some similarities with the early Tengri (worshipped by Mongolic/Turkic/etc… peoples), and who incidentally was also ultimately replaced by the Abrahamic god.


    totally agree tom doesn’t seem like the type of guy that makes the first move


    I’m sure romance will happen eventually, at least as long as it will need to feel rational( Love? Hah!) and not some sort of rushed plot device. just give it time, nobody, not even the most crazily celibate(ignoring thing i will not even consider to be bodies)- and lets be honest that Tom’s not close to that, merely has far too much to think about- will go without either romance, ‘love’ or at the very least a bed partner for too long.

    Otherwise, i’ve heard there are shapeshifting non-demon dragonnesses who if impressed would probably find Tom a Challenge, but i need not warn of such nigh insane dalliances, not to mention those Dragon Gods you can find on some specific Material Plane Clusters.

    But yes i agree Tom is most definitely not the Chaser.


    Backing up: The car being waxed is Singkun’s, what you don’t remember the time(s) when Singkun transformed himself into Mr Myagi? He had to keep his tail in his pants, but….

    I almost wrote earlier about Hilda. However, she’s already spoken for with Trisfelt! Will Tom have to battle Trisfelt for her hand?


    OK…true, but if Singkun shows up and teaches Tom how to wax his car, then you could argue the wish is for Tom!


    Nah, make it Trevin instead.


    Tom has no chemistry with any of the currently introduced characters, So it would probably have to be a new character for a romance plot for Tom to work.
    My mains concerns are A) the new character is fully fleshed out and not only existing to be a romance character B) the romance is properly thought out and not some stupid love at first sight or soulmate/reincarnation crap, Even if they loved each other in a past life it would be cheap if they fell in love instantly with something like that as an excuse.


    [quote=Tizzy;7478]That’s what Tom seems to be saying…whine whine whine

    Well, I am not sure if Loki is even still alive, he was presumed lost when Asbru was destroyed…any of his daughters would be pretty old by now—which is a big part of the problem with the dating pool Tom has @doom. Unless he lived and made some more, where ever he ended up.

    Singkun has never mentioned any kids, but he was pretty adventurous, both on his journeys and in bed, so I would not be surprised if he had a daughter or thousand.[/quote]

    Meh, they’re Gods, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Orcus was keeping one of Loki’s daughters in stasis in the basement to keep her safe or something. Or that Loki hid one away and left a message for Orcus that has gone undelivered until ‘his’ return. Seems like silly stuff like that happens more often then an actual chance to relax for the deity crowd, might be why most of them are so stuffy. Or, Abyss, maybe a great-great-great-granddaughter shows up to see what all the hubbub about Doom is!

    As for Singkum… sounds like the problem with finding one of his daughters for Tom is more finding one of his daughters, [i]who knows who he is[/i], then with finding one of his daughters. Must be a [i]lot[/i] of confused demi-gods wondering around out there trying to find their heritage… poor kids, going to be a terrible shock if they ever manage…


    Will Singkun be in book 4?


    We have been teased with mentions of a intelligent and powerful martial artist monkey who talks in riddles, But he has yet to make an appearance and I for one hope he will be introduced early on in the next book.
    Talking about an awesome monkey character but not introducing him just seems wrong.


    Ok, well speaking of long lost characters
    are we ever going to find out who Tom/Orcus’s lady friend is?
    If it’s Jen I’m just going to die laughing [flapper]


    Isn’t she only supposed to grant Tom’s wishes? or am i confusing something up?

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