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    Well to be honest I’ve lost track. No idea what level they are. If only there were some device I could use to measure a D’Orcs ranking.

    That would be mighty convenient.


    “Most of them are major demons and their leaders are greater demons,” Said by tizzy. Shapechanging stated by Maelen in bk1 was possible. He doesn’t know Edwyrd is a demon, but he says, “He could even just shape change himself younger.”

    Maybe the risar can do it themselves or Tom could shape change them. Wasn’t that what Gastropé was afraid of? Exador shapechanging him?


    D’orcs (and maybe godly avatars) power levels if measured with Demon Scale


    So I’m not gonna refer to any specific D’orcs right now cause I’d have to look up their names in the books (b/c they are hard to remember/spell)

    but I remember someone saying the D’orc are pretty much all greater demons at least
    so that makes me pretty sure that the generals/commanders are probably at least arch demons (evidence being they can super size)
    but maybe demon prince level for some of the stronger ones?

    it would make sense for Orcus to have demon princes under him cause some of them have been alive for so long and sam+lilith also have demon princes under them

    also is there any definitive marker of arch demon vs. demon prince like having a “demon pool” or something or is it just being stronger/being made up of more mana+animus like the other levels

    also if anyone remembers the whole spectrum and wants to put it up that would be cool


    Yes, the D’Orcs are mostly greater demon or greater. I believe in fact, it was me that said that while we were in the tunnels.

    Historically, all “made” D’Orcs always showed up as greater demons. The later generations of D’Orcs, those born in the Abyss as D’Orcs could be lower. But with thousands of years to train, even the second generation can rise up.

    Note that we have Ramses who came over in 1213 BC is only 3230 years old (aproximately) and he’s an archdemon. He probably came over as a greater demon.

    Now, the big thing is that D’Orcs born after Orcus died didn’t have as much real experience, only training and sorties from Doom’s Watch. So their advancement might have been limited, but as per Antefalken’s discussion of demon babies, if both parents were Greater Demons, their children, when mature would also be greater demons.

    Given that Darg-Krallnom and Arg-nargoloth are 70,000 plus years old, one would have to assume they are either princes or close to being princes. And arguably be are. Particularly if you look at my earlier arguments in other topics on power levels. There are lots of things, including social status that go into these ranks, it’s not all sheer mana wielding power.

    This true for a great number. If I were an enemy, I would assume that all the commanders, at the least, are arch-demons. There are also likely to be some archdemon D’Orcs who are not commanders, being more solitary fighters.

    The biggest difference is that most of the D’Orc demons are not trained mana users, so their “power” will most likely manifest as intrinsic attributes, such as size changing, turning into flames, shape changing, lightning bolts. Think of those abilities that Tom had from the start of book 1. Also, being great warriors, it’s likely that they can and do channel mana through their weapons, or that their weapons are actually part of their body (like Tom’s robes) which is why they can change size with the D’Orcs.


    Yes, and on the size changing note. I was surprised to find that one reviewer was taken aback by the size changing. He said it kind of came out of the blue and shocked him.

    Now, it did surprise Tom, very much when the D’Orcs did it, he didn’t realize they could do that. But if you think of it as “shape changing” and the fact that Tom had been doing it when he entered Nysegard, and also, in the battle in the Abyss, Lesteroth or one of his friends mentioned it. The sphinxes did it. It shouldn’t be that surprising.

    Where it IS surprising is Hilda. Hilda as a saint is sort of hybrid between an incarnated archon and mana body. However, the explanation for that is that it’s a standard avatar ritual, rather than an intrinsic ability.

    I’ve also gotta figure out if the risar can do it. They are using incarnated physical bodies, not mana bodies. So I’m a bit concerned about how they are going to fit through portals to get to Doom. Maybe Tom will have to open a big gateway.


    Maybe get one of the wizards to prepare some sort of shrinking spell? I know most people wouldn’t get it but a Honey I shrunk the Kids reference would be hilarious


    Shouldn’t that be “Honey, I shrunk the giants?”


    probably, yes, if they’re as old as they are, i was merely referring to that Quirky movie series from the Earths.


    well if the risar go in head/feet first and just jump/dive/slide
    the portal wouldn’t need to be as big as if the walked through upright

    also I would think Hilda would be greater demon level cause she is relatively new (I’m assuming tiernon starts his avatars of at greater demon level like tom/orcus does) but she was kicking a lot of ass in that last battle but maybe that’s because she had a lot of mana from the god pool at her disposal?

    also guessing that beragamos and sentir fallon are at demon prince/almost demon prince level at least


    ya size change didn’t shock me
    it might have Exador hadn’t already done it though


    What happened to Talarius’s mirror that showed power levels? Is it in the Rod camp at Freehold? I know the Inferno doesn’t have it since they would have used it against Sam when he came aboard.


    ya I thought it was mighty unfortunate that the inferno didn’t have it
    or maybe fortunate b/c I don’t know what sam would have done if he was busted

    it’s possible they thought they wouldn’t need it b/c they didn’t expect anything but demons in the abyss
    but i wonder does it identify demons specifically or just animus/mana bodies b/c I think bess showed up on in before

    wonder if tiernon’s avatars would show up on it
    that would give someone a shock
    although i suppose there has already been quite a lot of shocking


    Let’s see…

    Mirror is with Sir what’s his name the PALADIN left at Freehold. They needed it at Freehold to make sure no demons came back and it would likely be overwhelmed in the Abyss (or so they would have thought–remember they didn’t know how big and empty the place actually is)

    Yes, I got the honey I shrunk the kids part…but these guys are like thousands of years old so…they aren’t kids anymore! 🙂

    Feet first…well the problem is that the main portal to the Isle of Doom is in this little chapel under the citadel. I think the ceilings are only like 20 or 30 feet high for D’Orcs.

    After Tom got Beragamos outside, she had the godpool as did the others, and the pantheon pool. It’s very hard to accurately compare demons and avatars due to this rather overwhelming power source they have. This is why exorcisms work so well. However, a demon that can hold it’s own against a saint? Such a demon will be more powerful than the saint.

    Beragamos is definitely at demon prince level, I would guess Sentir Fallon would be archdemon based on what we know as of book iii—but again access to that GP? Killer.


    In which case i fail to see why Tom couldn’t just go back to Mount Doom, fly outside, make a portal from outside to Where the Risar are, presumably still at the Citadel of light, and then have them through that way and figure out what do to with them in terms of their size with the convenience of having them in a more safe location. Or Portal them at least from the citadel to the Isle of Doom, if nothing else.

    And well, if they’re thousands of years old they’ve most likely have to have a solution to that themselves eh? and even if not if nothing else the boundless ingenuity of magic’s capabilities will surely find a way, i mean the library of doom has to have something for that very problem, I’d wager.

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