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    Oooooh, The Oathbound Gods


    [quote=Iume;6236]Oooooh, The Oathbound Gods[/quote]

    I like the term “The Oathbound Gods” – but how much of this is going to be resolved or revealed in bk4 – will it be enough to justify the title


    More like the Oathbreaking Gods! [biggrin]

    But yes that’s good!


    Starting to think that playing off one of Orcus’s titles might be good…

    At the end of bk3 – the cat is out of the bag so to speak – that people (outside of the D’Orcs) are starting to think that Orcus has returned….I assume that this idea is going to spread to all the various groups in bk4 – and to them become a known ‘fact’ – no matter what Tom thinks of the situation himself


    Well, I did post that a week or so ago, but do not hold me to repeating it exactly as it is fluid.

    Really need to do the Apostles (Shamans) stories. In particular Etterdam where the battle was and elves are now (Ragala). Astlan (Tal Gor & Nimbus) , Ithgar (Rupert, Fer Rog, Beya) and maybe some Romdan and Farsooth.

    Then there is Exador and the Storm Lords and Freehold

    Then there is the Inferno story which will interact with:

    Tom, Vaselle, Talarius, Stainsberry Hilda, Beragamos. And actually, this will all tie out to Etterdam & Ragala.

    Oh, and the Nyjyr Ennead start to make some moves…

    And then Tizzy & Rede and people from CoA:ITA (and Storm Lords) start coming together–but this will probably not hit fruition right away, although that might postpone Freehold a bit more.

    So that’s a lot of stuff and I have no idea how it all gets crammed in over the course of the story.

    I will probably know that at about 25% to 30%.

    In particular:

    Etterdam Doom, Risar, Tom etc tie out to the mystery of what happened to Orcus. Which involves everyone/thing.

    Astlan Doom and the Nimbus tie out to the Alvar, Sentir Fallon, Lilith

    Ithgar Doom with Rupert & Fer Rog will likely open more worm cans than it closes, simply because Rupert & Fer Rog are demon kids with Beavis and Butthead orc buddies, and well…that just doesn’t go smoothly as you can imagine. Hmm, that might have to spin off into a mini-series before coming back inline.


    Yes something very much like that, lots and lots of work, punishing the Oath Breakers


    Doom has fallen upon the multiverse! Orcus, god of oaths and punisher of perjury, has returned to his seat of power and is reopening his old places of power. Under the banner of Doom orcs rally across the localverse and march to reclaim their stolen heritage. But the forces of the status quo, an army of duplicitous elves, and a horde of demons and unlife stand in its way.

    Oaths of brotherhood and friendship will be tested in the coming times. Will those sworn to support him keep to their word?

    Worst of all, enemy forces may be uniting to prevent Orcus’s return. Can he reclaim his people’s legacy or will the orc’s civilization be forever shattered?

    Orcus calls upon the oaths sworn to him by the Five Siblings, but reluctant gods do not make for great allies. As Orcus seeks to reestablish the ancestral homes of the Orcs an army of unlife, an army of elves, and the treachery of gods will seek to prevent his return. Orcus must find a way to reclaim what is his without becoming that which he despises the most — an honorless god.[/quote]

    Love it!!!

    Think TAG may have just had his whole storyline done for him. =d> =d>

    Like the Oathbound Gods, but God of Oaths maybe?

    Feel like something to do with Oaths may be most apropritate considering thats what he is most known for.


    Those seem to start getting too long, think of cover real estate.

    Faithless Gods starts sounding like Faithless Electors which is something I was looking for a miracle from that did not emerge…

    However, Faithless Gods might work.

    I am actually starting to think of punting on the title by simply saying The Demons of Astlan shall continue…


    Was showering after the gym tonight thinking about the title and came up with one that works on quite a few levels and is pretty weird to attract attention.

    How about “The Atheist God”

    As you recall, Orcus is suspected of being an Atheist (with cap A)

    Anyway posting this as new topic to get the title some more visibility. It’s in the poll now. Or comment here or in the poll topic if you like it.

    Otherwise were are leaning towards The Divine Demon or The Doomed God.


    There is the Tartarus oath, the brotherhood oath, and the possible breaking of the Conclave’s accords. There is the oath of orcs to get revenge, the oath of Tiernon to see justice done, and oath of the Nyjeer to get revenge, and the oath of Net to see Orcus done in.

    Will things become WWI on a multiversal scale?


    Yeah, was searching the other day for more from mythology but wasn’t coming up with one.

    Could go with one of the Nysegard titles.

    In Nysegard he is a Lord of Light, but everywhere else he is a Dark Lord.

    “The Dark Lord of Light”

    “The Lord of Light and Dark”

    “The Light in the Darkness”

    “The Darkness of the Light”

    we already have the The Oath Maker

    We could go with

    “The God’s Oath”

    “The Oath of Gods”



    I’m just feeling sort of at a loss, nothing is quite as perfect as Apostles of Doom was for where I intended to go. Although part of that might be hindsight. It was not certain that that would be the title, there was a vote before and it won…so 13 months later I may have just internalized it as a “fact”

    Part of it may be due to have too many possibilities for the next book, so many more things that have to be unwrapped that I’m not as sure as to what will get the most emphasis and what gets pushed back later.


    Divine Aethiest?


    Yeah I was sort of thinking the same. Same reason I don’t want to do another “of Doom”

    However, I’m not sold on The Divine Demon, which I think is tied with it.

    Of course, Atheist God might be better for book V as more of that stuff comes to fruition, or not….

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