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    Eating humans… isn’t that what demons are also wont to do? Not much different from dragons.

    If such knowldge cause wild panic, then Tom’s display of shapeshifting in from of the public would bring such.



    That’s a very good question. I wonder if Tom is holding out on me?

    Astlanian based dragon’s do seem to have a lot of treasure on hand, according to all reports I’ve read.

    However, this Abyssal one did not, according to Tom. I’ve been in his cave, unless there is a secret door, what’s there is what’s there.

    I have to be honest I don’t know much about Abyssal dragons, other than what’s been said in the book. They are very anti-social and no one I know has ever killed one before, usually it’s the other way around.

    The cave wasn’t marked, perhaps that wasn’t the dragon’s main cave?

    The other thing is, I don’t know what Abyss dragons do socially/economically to get treasure.

    I also don’t know what the exact relationship between Astlanian dragons and Abyssal dragons is. Maybe they live in both worlds and keep their money in Astlan?

    Very interesting question indeed.



    Are there any damsel in distress in Astlan? I never heard any in the book.

    Oh! If dragons are demons too, could they do magic like how Exador and Ramses and Tom does? Are there Wizard and Animage dragons out there?

    Also are there dragons that don’t hate non dragons?

    As for Knight Rampant and Paladin, it might be a title thing. If you ask me, the rampant part indicates a very active and unrestrained connotation. Maybe it is given to the knights who acts a lot, constantly dealing (and killing) with the ‘evil’ of the world, not like the other knights who are often just knights in name only. I could see though that Paladins are of quite similar nature though I see Paladins as somewhat helpful and protective in nature which our Knight Rampant doesn’t seem to be. So Knight Rampant are more like berserkers and Paladins are more like romanticized (ideal) hero.

    Well, that is my take of this issue.


    At the start of the book Tom kills a dragon for his cave. Demons at least have possessions, stuff that they bring back from Aslan or trade for in the courts of chaos. Don’t dragons do the same thing. I’m not expecting smog-like piles of gold, but the cave had a previous occupant, where’s it’s swag? Or has Tom just not had time explore the whole cave?


    That IS a wonder.

    Could be justified though. The book says that dragons hates demons. It could have been living nearby and when Tom ‘invaded’ and enter that cave, the dragon went in after him.

    There is also the possibility that the dragon is also looking for a cave to settle in. It was unmarked and the dragon went in…

    Also the dragon could just wanted to fight and since Tom is a newbie decides to crush him.

    The of course there was that discussion that the dragon lived in that cave but apparently the cave haven’t been lived in. It has no marks of being occupied by anyone. That also begs the question, why there aren’t demons living there and around it? Sounds suspicious.


    Hmm, very odd.


    Tell me.


    I’m just agreeing with you.

    I have no other knowledge on this topic. See, I can be honest about what I don’t know.


    I thought Dragons hated humans(possibly humanoid beings) in general. If a dragon can tolerate a human it can also tolerate a demon. The question of which it will feel more threatened by could shape its reactions. Just remember the dragon riding orcs. Two questions, since dragons are demons can they not also shape shift. If they can some might pose as a humanoid demon or a mortal species as Dragons are intelligent. I don’t know how different their original species are from humans, but the concept of spies, camouflage, and scouts should be common. Dragons raise less alarm bells than demons so they could likely be more extensive throughout Astlan.

    Few humans can tell one dragon apart from another dragon and they can access more places do to a lack of a need to eat, breathe, and can move freely in three dimensions. Not all dragons would be large as smaller dragons might be seen as drakes, wyrms, or wyverns. They would have a hierachy with weaker dragons as weaker species, and larger dragons being more rare. Not sure what they’ve done, but as an intelligent species they have likely formed some type of community and possibly a society that those on Astlan might not recognize.

    Also the slow regenerative nature of dragons is less blatant than that of demons and might make them appear more natural as it takes time for them to recover.

    Any more thoughts on dragons would be nice. I can think of more later.


    Considering the whole damsel in distress and become my heir when you kill the dragon type of thing, I doubt that dragons are less of a draw to knights in shining armor than demons. In fact, most demons are under the firm control of the accursed masters, dragons are not (or at least I don’t think so). The rabid reaction to Tom is not just because he is a demon, but because a silly priest is convinced Tom is the leader of a demonic invasion*. Finding hundreds of demons amongst the Wizard Council did not help. If people expact a dragon invasion I am sure the reaction would be worse 😉

    * I suspect most demons would find the story incredibly funny, at least those demons who love a bit of chaos and with some luck the accursed masters might be less likely to summon them in the future.


    I’m in the story and I find it incredibly funny. Which is why I have been sticking around despite the Rodlings threatening me with permanent death.

    I am also laughing internally at Maou’s talk of shape changing dragons…if only he knew what was going on in Gizzor Del. He hit a real nail on the head there…but then that’s another story…

    Again, not sure what the relation between Abyss dragons and Astlan dragons is…I sort of think it might be like humans and demons…not sure though…evidence, (orcs on dragons) is very very contradictory.

    However, I should also note that in theory, only a “Paladin” can kill a dragon. That’s the mythology at least. All others get roasted by the flames etc. That’s who also likes to kill demons.

    However, I should note, that this chap we have in the cave here, keeps getting really pissed when I call him a paladin. He says he’s a “Knight Rampant” not a “Paladin”…no idea what the difference is…I don’t actually note what a Knight Rampant is….if you ask me it sounds like a very lusty knight…but that’s probably just me.


    Hmm, well this Knight Rampant certainly seems to act like a berserker! The guy tried to kill me permanently!

    I consider that to be quite rude and irrational.

    I am sure there are some damsels in distress out there somewhere at various points in time, but I am equally sure there are also dudes in distress who need to be rescued by female paladins…or damsels rescued by female paladins and dudes rescued by guy paladins….

    Certainly, peasants are often in distress frequently.

    However, I am not sure paladins (being noble and all) can even see peasants let alone make a determination of distress.

    As for dragons…one might think so…however not sure what they would shape change to since they weren’t human in the first place.

    I really don’t know how you’d tell.

    There are dragons in Astlan that don’t eat non-dragons on site. However most do…

    I find it safer to assume that any dragon any where is prepared to have you for lunch.


    Sure do. Palladins help the poor and the weak. Well, the ideal one anyway.


    So you have to be once in that form to transform to that form? You mean, the (human) demons could only transform to humans? Rather restrictive. Then how could Bess transform to part cat? I’m sure that it was not Bess’ true form.


    So (demon) dragons can and do cast spells?


    Pretty certain more powerful dragons cast spells, a bit iffy on the weaker ones. But for shape shifting familiar shapes are easier. As former humans the best shape would be themselves or somebody they new well, pretty certain Tom was imitating somebody he used to know as opposed to an imagined human. Imitation is easier than creation, so ideally you would imitate a cat you knew well. Also forms closer to the demon are easiest. A large demon does not do as well imitating things that are to small. A cat is more compressed than a human and more foreign to the demon. So demon cat form will hurt a lot, but Bess could likely do it if she was inclined to try it. It would be easier for her than other demons with her cat motif and everything.

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