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    Now, that is a very interesting idea. A D’Elf or rather a D’Alfar

    It seems to me it would be an excellent PR move if I were Tommus.

    I am sure they would, it might be a bit lonely though, the only one of your species…actually not really true in that there are elven demons according to Stainsberry at least. They accept elves on Nysegard as comrades in arms, she has proven herself in battle for a thousand years, fighting alongside D’Orcs. She would get a very good recommendation.

    And I am sure if there are Denubian Demons(TM) there must be alvaran ones.

    The Denubians are from a very high tech world that is far out there, much like Earth.

    Most “far out there” tech heavy planes may be to mana poor for alvar though. Remembering that alvar are magical creatures, they need a lot of mana to keep themselves going, which is why the left Earth.

    So, it’s a question of how far out there does the “myopia” take place. Are the realms like Gormaghast and Visteroth, which are high tech, but also have a decent amount of mana (because they have shamans and plane travel to Astlan, etc) and have elves and orcs in space “far enough out” to cause myopia in wizards?

    My guess is not.

    So one might have to purposefully/knowingly create D’Elfs.


    Well, perhaps that’s an ulterior motive for Hessy. We’ll see how big his luggage is. I suspect the sampler case is pretty good sized.

    Sure, Lilith and Smody have their directives for Hessy, but a little side business never hurt anyone.

    There are Denubian “companies” and they have Abyssal Dealerships/Outlets, however, they are very anti-union. Just saying. The Denubians are not a united front. There are multiple retailers for Denubian Choco-Coffee(TM). However, it’s all the same licensed product, but it does pay to do comparison shopping, some retailers have better prices.

    They have other products too, this is just their most popular.

    Hmm, thinking more, perhaps Boggy can purchase the distribution rights for Mount Doom? He is, as you know, very entrepreneurial. If Hessy shows up, I wouldn’t be surprised if Boggy and Tizzy try to get the distribution rights. It’s currently a very under-served market.


    Indeed, but the actual reality matters much less than the perception that the D’Alfing might be the communication of just such a threat.

    Actually, I was searching for the Hesseforthalus thread to ask about whether his needling of Sammael was meant to communicate the fact that this was a setup, and that they are being watched. After all, Hesse wouldn’t profit from antagonizing Sammael unless there was a receptive audience, and Hesse would be too canny to take such a risk for no profit. Therefore: Lilith.


    If Team Doom is preparing to take some casualties, is there a chance that Elyelwith Flores would become the first(?) D’Elf Shaman?

    Would the D’Orcs accept him?


    Typically the cost would be too high. That’s the big thing about the loyalty and vassalage system there.

    I do think this would be a very interesting topic to pursue somewhere, like a side book, politics are pretty complex, particularly when it’s hard to have a permanent accident and the accidentee will have a grudge for a very long time. As will his/her higher up who may have plans impeded/inconvenienced.

    Also, permanently slaying other demons is sort of a a no no. At least of the higher up ones, who belong to someone else. I.e. you do not destroy other people’s permanent assets without repercussions.

    So, in short, it’s a very tricky calculation to determine when/what and how far you can move against the agents of your peers. You can certainly do it, but depending on how it is done and the circumstances, the repercussions may be extremely problematic.

    So much like politics, it’s often best to move very indirectly, untraceably and at the best time. Which interestingly, is how things work among the gods as well. We see this game with the Five Siblings and Sentir Fallon killing Orcus. They have a story and they are sticking to it, that they no nothing of Tartarus and so did not put the multiverse in jeopardy.


    In theory, and by the rules of the spells/rituals, yes.

    However, regular wizards would never think to do this, much, simply because they do not understand what they are really doing.

    Now, that being said, someone like Merit-Ptah, who has a pretty good idea of what she’s doing, at least more than most wizards was able to shape Reggie to a very pleasing form. How much of that was wrapped in her idea of an incubus, and real knowledge that Reggie had been human is unclear.

    Now, of course, a demon wizard like Exador could certainly do it.

    However, you would probably want to make other changes as well, part of what makes a demon super powerful is your impression of them, how hard they struggle, all that stuff that Boggy & Tizzy explain in Book 1.

    So under the scenario you are talking about, you would probably end up with an under-powered demon. At least if it was a random subject.


    Creating the beginnings of an alternative Alvaran value system might be the kind of strategic shot across the bow which might actually force the Alvaran pantheon, whatchamacallit, to reconsider war against the orcs.

    Even a half-assed follower grab by an immortal who doesn’t really fear them would be significantly more expensive resource-wise than a few hundred years of total war on a couple worlds.


    Yes, but, technically she’s not a follower of theirs. She’s a shaman, which means she’s more like a druid who is into spirits. It is rather unusual. Elven druids are not uncommon, elven shamans not as common.

    There are actually multiple alvaran pantheons, even as there are human ones, and not all elves worship the same pantheons. However, the elven deities generally do not share the same territories/planets like human gods do. If they do, it’s typically on different continents.

    They do not find fighting for worshipers to be dignified.

    We know that they have a very small presence on Nysegard at this time. Why this is? We have not been told. But, if it were to get out that Net and Danu were responsible for killing Orcus, then they would probably have a smaller presence.



    Do they eat D’Cats?





    Plus, there is no way he can hide who he is from Sammael, and being Denubian, and working for two demon princes (Asmodeus, Lilith) he’s pretty safe.

    One thing to keep in mind is that Asmodeus is a powerful prince in his own right, he often seems like he might be a servant of Lilith, but he is really a close ally, of only slightly lesser stature.

    One should also presume they known each other in other contexts. The politics of the courts is or can be fluid (although over pretty long timescales). For these guys, so much of this is simply a game they are playing, particularly at the Prince and ArchDemon level. So there is all sorts of intrigue and jockeying for power/advantage.


    So, could someone like Hesseforthalus happen to have an unfortunate shaving accident, if he pushed his luck with Sammael, or are there escalation treaties in place to make the cost too high?


    [quote=The Author Guy;4684]and being Denubian[/quote]

    Have Denubian Demons™ formed an union of sorts, like the D’Orcs?

    Or are they essentially the local trade representatives of the Denubian Federation™, probably ascended by the Denubians themselves as a lateral promotion?

    If Hesseforthalus is Smody’s inside sales rep for Denubian Food & Beverages™, how long until they knock at Doom’s World Gates with a suitcase of samples?


    So I was wondering, if a newly summoned demons form is influenced by their “soul” and the expectations of the summoners, would it be possible to turn someone into a demon that looked perfectly human in its demon form? for instance if a human smoked some D’Weed on plane x, then had someone one plane y “summon” them with a bunch of other helpers who were told that they were merely helping with an inter dimensional transport spell (so they expect a human to show up), would they incarnate as just an ordinary human, albeit with a new body, or would they still become an abyss bound demon with a human shaped body? And would it be possible to bind them to a plane other than the abyss, like one of the outer planes or the astral plane itself?

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