Could you please do a section on ‘classification of unlife’?

Welcome To Astlan Forums Alpha Reading Could you please do a section on ‘classification of unlife’?

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    Who amongst us hasn’t sketched a zombie-proof compound after being frustrated by a zombie film?

    My favourite parts of that thought experiments were the agility tracks with thigh-high maze walls which humans can walk or run on, but which slow down zombies considerably, and the mechanical crushing sieve.

    If you don’t want to take a considerable risk per destroyed zombie, you have to do the job at an arm’s length.

    Fire and guns need too many resources per destroyed zombie, and axing them, even from a rampart, always poses a risk, of losing and having to retrieve your ax-head, if nothing else.

    Enter the crushing sieve. You use the zombies’ own inexplicable capability to produce kinetic energy from seemingly nowhere, numbers, and a sound- or smell-based dummy bait, to press large crowds of zombies through a V-shaped stone or concrete formation.

    The pressure of the zombies in the back forces the zombies in the front mechanically through a grinder of small openings. Zombies in, ground zombie flank out.


    Exactly. Nasty place…but…

    Let me throw another Nysegardian denizen into the mix, one which is discussed when Teragdor goes to the walls to help out.

    Jiangshi. Chinese Hopping Vampires, they are basically a cross between a zombie and a vampire, they are very stiff and ungainly like a zombie, but they can leap tremendous distances in a split second and are extremely cunning and dangerous and the know Kung Fu



    Sure. I actually have a spreadsheet that I created with a chart.

    I will post it in the library but restricted to AoD Beta readers, and you guys can give me feedback on fleshing it out/cleaning it up. Right now it’s my notes.


    Hi TAG

    Thanks for the table it was good but could we have a bit of a description for each. I get that a vampyre is like a blood list animalistic vampire but still a bit hazy on others. What exactly is a ghoul? You said vampires victims become ghouls are they fleshing zombie types that are independent rather than animated like Zombies. And what is a ghast?????


    NP on answer,

    Video is blocked in the US by the Sony avatars…they seem to have put up a flaming wall of Galaxy Note 7’s to block me from viewing it. :d/


    NP on the answer.

    Sony is blocking video in the US…


    [quote=The Author Guy;4929]Jiangshi. Chinese Hopping Vampires[/quote]

    Reminds me of [url=][/url]


    The film is great, and Joe Hisaishi’s soundtrack beautiful.


    Was wondering if Voland could upgrade Ruiden, what I mean is that Ruiden is a demon-slaying sword couldn’t he be upgraded to a sword created to kill demons and unlife?


    Is there any way you could do a ‘classification of unlife’ insert / appendix? Maybe something like the classification of demons that you put in book 1?
    I am asking because it is a subject that I am not very up-to-speed on and, everyone seems to have a different opinion on the powers, abilities and methods of creation for the various types of undead/unlife critters.
    We have seen various people talking about some of them here and there but I think that a specific ‘classification’ section would be sweet.


    Yes, and poor motor skills, shambling and lurching around.

    Zombies, Mummies and abominations (Frankenstein’s monster-which I don’t really list here, but it would be a form of zombie)


    I assume Intelligence: Low means someone who won’t think of looking up?


    Awesome! Thanks!


    Again, these are my notes and stuff like mythology is probably not public.

    Also need to work on formatting etc.

    But this gets the info out for you guys to look at and suggest. Will also have a discussion of Undead vs Unlife.

    e.g. ghosts are “Undead” but not “Unlife”

    [url=]The Undead and the Unlife[/url]


    Good idea – I admit there were times I was thinking what the hell is a ghast?!?

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