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[quote=Tizzy;1545]Oh, and going back a bit, for the record, I was hinting that Rosver might be a demon.
Demons love to argue over previous statements, documents, agreements, you name it.

All in, demons are just warmer, nicer, cuddlier lawyers…


I thought that were devils? Or was it Fae? Or both? Or is that whole fallen angels thing just a different type of angel where their deity is hiding behind the illusion of a demon? Pretty sure though that Fae love their bargains, including twisting promises and oaths. 😉

As for the Abyss, what if the whole place is an ellaborate illusion? It is hot because people think it is hot. Objects have no minds, and hence are not affected? 😉 Than again, we all might be an illusion of Tizzy and he might be the only real thing 😉