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Well, many games and movies doesn’t really care much about the story nowdays. Most are just for the looks and explosions instead of sense or content. Have you seen the Transformers movie? WTF! You might probably one of those people who liked it but not me. I can’t stand that much stupid.

Well, from what I can see, everything seems to have lower standards in storytelling these days. TV, books, games, movies…[/quote]

You do realize that sounds condecending, at least to me? People might judge movies by different standards than you do, but that does not make them ‘lower’. I also doubt it is true. I have seen some pretty crappy ‘old’ stuff. It is just that in general when we take the time to watch and/or read ‘old’ stuff, we focus on the classics and the good work. Not to mention that people tend to forget mediocore stuff. In case of books, I doubt we can even get our hands on the crappy stuff. They just don’t publish it anymore.

As for mindless action and thin story premise, I can be entertained by it, but whether it is enough to actually enjoy for a whole movie depends entirely on other things. I really had fun watching Die Hard 1 and 2, movies that have a very thin story with the protagonist and villain doing rather unrealistic things, but which are still seen as good in general by the critics. I only watched Transformers 1, never bothered with the others. Giant transforming robots fighting one another never had a big draw on me even not as a child. Besides, just because I can ignore some plotholes and inconsistancies, or at least ignore them long enough while enjoying something, does not mean that there are no limits to it. Suspension of disbelief only carries so far 😉

As for ME3, I can tell you exactly what I like and dislike and why, but this is not exactly the place for such a discussion 😉