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I definitely agree with that.

I’m very good at writing myself into a corner…

However, to restate my point: Tizzy, Wylan and other characters, when they post here, it’s no different than a reader posting. Albeit a reader that happens to live in either Astlan or the Abyss, which gives them more knowledge than the typical reader. They are stating their own opinions and beliefs, based on their knowledge.

I am not saying they are necessarily lying (although we all know demons do that) but they may not have all the information. None of the characters are omniscient (not even the gods in the book(s)).

In other words, Tizzy’s answers are not to be considered ‘ex-cathedra’ he is not infallible, he is not omniscent nor omnipresent, he’s a person and he can be wrong.

The only person that can speak, or maybe/might possibly speak ‘ex-cathera’ is me. And I will try very hard not to speak about the plot/history/background in that manner due to a) spoilers and b) writing myself into a corner.