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@The Author Guy:

Illusions? I wonder where. Rupert was able to see through what Exador say was his most potent illusion on the door, could he see through these illusions too? Could Tom see the through the illusions too?

I thought of that too. Prefab was the most likely solution. Though, prefab still need onsite preparation of the foundation. They have to be careful in bringing the pieces in. Concrete could explode when exposed to heat if not prepared properly. They might also need special concrete mixes to withstand the high temperature in the Abyss. High content of sulfur, carbon dioxide and other substances in the air is also damaging to concrete, no solution there, maybe that is why the structures change often as described by Antefalken.

Theft from other worlds couldn’t have happen that much. There aren’t really that much number of demons who could do those tricks (gate, switch) and they are really very unlikely to be cooperative as to supply the lower demons with such things.

And I hope I would not be hearing some demon using an xbox in the Abyss. That is just nuking the fridge.


There are a lots of things we could derive from the situation. There would be other demons having great interest in him… powerful people always does have their followers. However we couldn’t really get the details of what would happen. I was thinking a lot of scenarios. One of it even has an assassin in it. Many powerful people has one (JFK?).

Though, I think Tom might not be as bored as you think. He seems to be gathering friends and companions. Spending time with friends and companions are one of the most un-boring thing to do. Though, his interest on the safety of his friends and companions might be difficult for other demons to concieve and would likely interpret wrong.


They are likely to send an assassin or attempt one. Who like to be disrupted?