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=; o:) Have white text surrounding them.
So [color=red][size=9]The Tomatic Demon=d> [/size][/color] can access [color=white]Tier’s divineo:) power[/color] through his [color=yellow]holy arrows[-o< [/color]. If he could emulate the blessings of a [color=white]godo:)[/color] he could then steal their powers. Most[size=7][color=black] demon's[/color][/size] don't grow more powerful with age for some reason despite the increase in [color=orange][color=red]animus[/color][/color] that should occur, unless the abyss is so barren that their is nothing to pick up, and continuous[color=red] torture[/color] allows for no new experience to be picked up. If so it would explain how weaker demons don't grow. Also the soul of a person is their [color=orange]animus[/color]. Everybody seems to think that demons consume souls to grow more powerful, so why don't demons consume the souls of those they slay to acquire; additional power, animus, experience, or whatever it is inside somebody's soul and whatever benefit it might bring to a demon. Magic is based upon belief and since so many people think a demon can corrupt and consume their soul why not consume their souls? Demons are on a [size=7][color=red]c[/color][color=orange]o[/color][color=yellow]n[/color][color=olive]t[/color][color=green]i[/color][color=cyan]n[/color][color=blue]u[/color][color=darkblue]o[/color][color=indigo]u[/color][color=violet]s[/color][/size] spectrum of power so why don't more demons advance from [color=red]1[/color] to[color=orange] 2[/color], or[color=orange] 2[/color] to [color=yellow]3[/color], ...etc.