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You kind of stretching the definition of human sacrifice. People offer sacrifice to propitiate or gain favor from a god or gods. Your examples, doesn’t really abide this. Even the Pharaoh’s treasures and utinsils because it is essentially owned by the Pharaohs. Slaves aren’t really valued that much at those time either. They are valued like horses or cows, they aren’t really considered much as ‘people’ those days.

Also, as I mentioned before. Human sacrifice is very rare. It might seem common because people just know very few religion. Many could say with some certaintity of knowledge about Christianity and Islam. Some others also are familiar of Judaism and ancient religion of the Greeks and Romans. Some might even recall Buddhism, Hinduism and Mormonism. Anime lovers would know Shinto. Then there are also those dead religions like those of the Ancient Egyptians, Ancient Mayans and Vikings which have some somehow survive as Comic Superheroes (like Thor) and Mythology. But then there are hundreds of tribal religions and other minor religions that are given a blanket name even though these religions are vastly different. Really, people have very limited knowledge about other people’s religions. You will be surprised at whats out there.