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Actually, science does work that way.

Evidence is given to you, you have to examine it and see how the pieces fit together, formulate a theory and then test it, collect more evidence and revise it. Repeat forever.

That is what the Scientific Method is. That’s why people talk about “Scientific Theories” and not “Scientific Facts” Scientific knowledge is not handed to us on a silver platter, it must be ferreted out and tested for veracity, repeat-ability and one must see what can then extrapolate to make predictions on, and test those predictions. It’s often wrong, and subject to revision…science is a process of continual revision of what we know. At any point in time what lay people call “scientific fact” is simply the best theory/estimate that the scientific method has produced at a particular point in time.

In this case, what the author guy is talking about is that like in a trial, the readers are presented with various pieces of evidence, including testimony, the jury (reader) has to determine what to trust, whose testimony is credible and whose is not. All characters and participants have a point of view, a story to tell, “their side” it is your job as reader/jury to evaluate the testimony and evidence you are given and come up with a theory as to what has really happened.

Same with all those CSI TV shows: Forensic Science as we know it: the police don’t usually “know what happened” they have evidence and maybe some stories from various people, but they have to put it together, the police and prosecution then put together a theory and they test it and tweak it and then present it to the jury for them to determine “the facts of the case”

it’s the job the jury to determine the facts of the case and render a decision as to culpability of the defendant.

The books, this site have pieces of evidence and T-A-G, Lenamare, Wylan and myself are giving you testimony.

You have to put all the pieces together to solve a puzzle.

But again, let me reassure you, I’ve been at this for millenia, I know what I am talking about. You can just trust everything I say as 100% true. Ignore that very disreputable T-A-G

T-A-G is just trying to unnerve you. he’s the real demon….