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You are very much correct in that Astlanians (humans, elves, etc) all have very strong Elemental Affiliations based on their Astrological sign.
And in fact this actually plays a role in their ability to cast spells. For example someone born under the sign of [url=]Hydros[/url] has a natural talent for Sorcery and would, all other things being equal, be a better Sorcerer than one born under Infernos. Although, obviously training/experience can overcome this, but the influences do hold throughout life.

So therefore you’d expect other signs to matter as well.

The problem of course is that the demons are all from distant planes with different elemental signs and affiliations. And on many of those worlds, the elemental affiliations aren’t as strong.

I’m not sure that anyone has every sought to measure this or understand this. If demons had scientists, it would be a great thing to measure and test. However, we don’t have any.

Scientists who become demons seem to sort of go overboard in a world of magic and go with: “scientific principles be damned, I can do magic!”

A lot of the fire affinity is because fire represents energy, all the elements have energy, it’s just much more loosely bound with fire. It’s raw energy and you need that raw energy to open portals etc. Fire provides the gateway for summoning, and fire represents the rage that demons harbor.

So in that sense fire gets most associated with demons.

The second most associated element is Cold, and Ice. Cold of course is anti-fire, and Cold+Water=Ice. There are Ice Demons. A bunch of ice demons have been wreaking havoc in the northern part of this other plane I’ve visited. At the moment they are trapped north of a giant wall, but I hear they are coming south fast. Well, not that fast, apparently their author guy is even slower than my author guy….

And, I should add, there are rumors of parts of the Abyss that are icy cold in counter point to the hotness we are familiar with.

Note, for example, all the elements have positive and negative aspects, thus it would make sense for there to be a “Cold Abyss” and a “Hot Abyss”

However, I don’t know much about that, just what you hear on the street.