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Different races and different regions have different gods and these differing pantheons will likely have different mindsets. I know that two humans from the same culture will not be able to agree on a clear view of good, evil, or what their god represents. Its doubtful that different races share the same god. So each pantheon will have different views of good and evil. It blurs boundaries, two “good” deities might view the other as evil, or one could view the other as evil and the other could find the other as annoying for viewing them as evil and be offended.

Angels look attractive and often have a pure look as individuals. People feel safe or secure in their presence. They can form a massive and reduce a continent to ashes and those that died were evil and the survivors were protected by god. Demons do that and everybody has an opposite opinion and view those who died as innocent, survivors have mixed reactions based on circumstance. Some are hellspawn, while others are godsent.

The biggest difference between demons and gods is the lack of order in demonic ranks and the possibility of advancement. An angel can never grow to overpower a god. Well a few might, but most cannot. Concordenax was the closest things demons had to a central figure, when he left demons made blatant factions. The powerful demons tend to ignore weaker demons that don’t bother them, so they are heavily decentralized and tend to respect those more powerful than them in a fearful sort of manner. Angels are centralized and can’t get away with killing those beneath them.

In conclusion Angels are extremely social and have a rigid hierarchy with little possibility for advancement. A rigid caste system. Demons have a fluid hierarchy and no clear distinction of power beyond this person is the nearest person who can kill me. Demons are also somewhat anti-social do to wizardly intervention, they do make societies amongst themselves at times, but many can and will enjoy staying by themselves. Trust is somthing Angels have, which demons surely lack.