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Huh? That is not what I was saying.

I had never asked questions I don’t want to be answered. My questions often deals with descripancies like those appliances in the Abyss, and the Nuclear Reaction/Quarks issue. The answer to them aren’t spoilers since I was asking for clarifications for what I see errors.

And the reason for why I want to leave is because The Author Guy essentially just says that the discussion here can’t be trusted in anyway. That anything here is deceptive. That what you, Tizzy, spouted is just lies. The whole thing is one big prank. What are we going to do when what we are discussing earnestly turns out to be just crap? Hmmm?

As for truthful information, then, if The Author guy is correct, that is something that we shouldn’t expect from you. Why discuss something with you when it will not be of any truth anyway?

And no science and religion don’t work that way. Science is about studying the world. It is not about choosing what to and what not to believe. The truth is out there, you just have to observe and study it. Religion is belief and worship of superpowers (god, deties). It is also not about choosing what to and what not to believe. It already has sets of beliefs that you had to accept if you follow that religion. And stories, that is just a different beast entirely.

A discussion however is different. It has to be based solidly for it to go sensibly. If we are discussing like: that earth is really flat instead of being round, or cats are dogs in disguise, you are just wasting your time.

And… Uhhh… what to believe now.