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Ahh, yes, you all caught the slip up in the demon Rosver’s argument! As a demon, I am an expert and looking for slip ups in arguments, as is, naturally: Rosver (hint hint as to Rosver’s species)

[quote]the author is blatantly ignoring physics.[/quote]

He hadn’t better be ignoring the laws of physics, that’s my job! Where’s my union rep!

However very precisely, as Iume, Madfoxiii have pointed out, if he’s violating the laws of physics, which laws of physics is he violating?

Having traveled the Planes of Men, I can attest that the laws of physics vary greatly between them. The Outer Planes are far worse.

The Outer Planes are pretty much exclusively whatever their owner(s) wants it to be. Or so I am told.
The Planes of Men are all pretty fixed and have their own laws, their laws vary in some sort of logical order, based on where they are relative to each other. I don’t know the mapping.

What I do know is that the REASON that Astlanian’s can’t get directly to Earth and why they see Earthlings as demons is because the laws of physics are too different.

That is actually what the back of the book implies and what I and Boggy explain to Tom.

So between Astlan and Earth, the laws of physics are sufficiently different that magic works, technology, not so much/it’s unreliable (gunpowder is very dangerous) much like magic is on Earth.

As to the Abyss. It is just weird. It is not in the Planes of Men as we know it, it is not one of the Outer Planes as we know them, or if it is, we don’t know who “owns it” and thus who is “Paying the mana cost to maintain it”
That’s pretty much the key with the Outer Planes, to keep them stable, a tremendous amount of Animus and Mana is required (which is why few gods have their own dedicated plane–pantheons share).

The Abyss also has relatively easy access to various Planes of Men that Astlan does not. In particular, the Abyss doesn’t seem to care about the physics of various Planes of Men.

Nor, for that matter do most of the Outer Planes–I assume, since Gods get to planes with different physics somehow.

Stuff that I know the origins of, and where it comes from is “borrowed” from other planes and rigged by the owner to work in the Abyss, somehow.
All I have is my pipe, and my funky furniture, which even Rosver must admit, doesn’t take a lot of effort to work in the Abyss.

I can’t account for everything in the Abyss, so maybe some of it is shaped energy. Particularly if it’s owned by a Demon Prince…

I should also note, back to atmospheric pressure. The examples I use are for Earth and Astlan (where air pressure does vary by altitude). Not clear this is true in the Abyss.
Again, not clear that the Abyss is a planet, if it is, it’s gotta be about the size of Jupiter or larger….talk about physics and gravity issues!

I will note however, altitude based air pressure is discussed/important in Books 2 and onward as you will all eventually learn.
Actually, for that matter, so is everything in this current discussions (at least thematically–not detail wise–but the questions discussed)