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Hmm. Just as I suspect, the demon form is permanent and unchanging literaly. And they don’t experience atrophy!

Well, makes sense. They don’t really have physical bodies. Well, I guess they are pretty stuck with what they have. Makes me feel even more sorry to the first order demons.

Hmm. Taking it from another angle. Well, it seems mana is influenced by the mind and will. Since demons are mana constructs (or so it seems), will a collective mind be able to influence the demons abilities? Say, if a group of wizards are to focus their will into a demon, could they make that demon less powerful? If, yes, that might be a great way to defeat demons, especially the more powerful ones, right? Though, this could also work the other way. A collective will could make a weak demon strong.

That kinda reminds me of the Manga Nurarihyon no Mago:

There they have monster called Yokai. These monsters come to life from human fears. The more people believe in them the stronger they get. If people stop believing in them, they grow weak and even disappear. There is even an arc where a group of monster called The Hundred Tales Clan are spreading scary stories about monsters. When more and more people start believing the stories, the mosnters in the stories become real.