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There was a dicussion about demon shape shifting to humans. I had a question though, could a demon shape change to other ‘demonic’ form? Could they take a shape that is even larger than they where? Can they shape shift part of themselves (say make their claws bigger and longer) to make themselves more dangerous. Or use their shape shifting abilities in fighting (say extending their arms reach, or ven like Mr. FAntastic in Fantastic 4). Cause really these changes are what would I had tried first if I was capable of shape shifting. It seems the demons don’t seem to do so. Maybe this kind of shape changes aren’t possible in some way? Why not?

Also, if demons had infiltrated the humans (like what Exador did), then it stand to reason that they also had infiltrated other species. There might be a demon shapeshifting to an elf, a demon pretending to be a dwarf, etc. Humans, like Talarius, become very paranoid after knowing that, now, if the other species know about too, wouldn’t that also bring paranoia to them? By the way, it would be a big laugh to me if Tom shapeshift to be a dwarf. Hehehe.