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True Names has actully pop up in many fantasy books but is not fleshed out. The nature of true name here is just almost illogical. For one thing, our names are actually limited. There are actually many people who share the same name throughout the times. But there have to be infinite number of True Names. If you only have a small set of alphabets (or syllabaries or pictograms) then you would easily run out of practical combinations (a hundred syllable name anyone?). There has to be some sort of loop hole.

And of course I had talked to Tizzy about those ‘unpronouncable names’ and the rather large available phonemes that isn’t all used by any given language. I had often laughed at foreigners when they spoke other language wrong. They just very funny.

Hah! Better not really talk much about this true name thing. We would not be able to get anywhere.