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Wizardry requires knowledge and study. Animagics is more about talent and study. Wizardry is closest to a science, while Animagics is a craft. Magic can be progressed most quickly with practice and not being killed by a problem with their magics. As a demon Tom can practice longer with magic than a human could as he would have a greater mana pool and a faster mana recovery time. Also as a demon it is much harder for him to die. Since he can have things blow up in his face and survive, he really can do things that others couldn’t. Magic is also based off of imagination and he will have thoughts that others don’t as he lacks magical knowledge and thus doesn’t know what isn’t impossible.

Most newly summoned demons would be panicking after being summoned and would learn of magics from other demons and the wizards. The more powerful demons likely thought of new ways to use magic and showed others how to use it ages ago when they were young and had it disseminated by both the abyss and Astlan making them the pinnacle of their respective teachings. Progress comes from more rational thinking built off of whats known to the next most logical step, or it comes from a genius with a radical idea that isn’t the next step and based off of something new. Tom has the power, the imagination, and just enough knowledge to use magic, but it might not be in the way in which others thought to use it.