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Well, if Tizzy could shapechange, the first part he would change might be his privates.

If I had a super power, shape shifting would be it. It just have soo much potential especially in deception.

So Tizzy, demon shape shifting isn’t of much use in a fight isn’t it? Shape shifting is tasking it seems, but can’t partial shapeshift be easy? Shapeshifting your claws larger and longer, or increasing your arms length isn’t really that big a change. So why can’t they? Or maybe as Willis says: “If you ask me though, I’d just say the guy didn’t think of it at the time.” Really if demons haven’t thought, they might be just dumb in some areas.

And, as it seems, that other species wouldn’t be of much importance in the book isn’t it? More like background characters?

Maou have a good point.