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“Talarius would be able to get out of his armor.” – surrounded by demons, I think, that is the last thing he would do.

Cooler, so you say, but 50 degrees centigrade still isn’t going to be kind to many of the machinery.

I wonder who is supplying the energy/mana to aircondition the Dame? I like to do some mathematics on it, calculate how powerful an airconditioner is needed to do that.

Also, you say they are slothfu, but the work necessary for building those metal and concrete buildings (and obviously, changed often), maintenance for cars, escallators, elevators and other machinery, and of course the job of supplying energy for the airconditioner just sounds like a lot of work to me.

The scene where Antefalken walks around describing many modern conveniences really astound me. There are lot of issues with the idea of the Abyss using very obvious modern conveniences specifically when such devices should have trouble operating there. I always had thought it was extremely absurd but then the scene was rather short and not much of importance in the first book.

And oh! Where do demons get the water to mix all those concrete?