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So what’s the difference between angels and demons again. Since a demon can use divine magic as shown publicly by Tom, and privately by Len, the magics of divine beings and demons are compatible. The fact he can use the magic might possibly hint to demons not being the opposites of the gods.

Also why can’t people accept the fact that they don’t need to blame their life’s problems on demons. I am certain that most human suffering was caused both directly and indirectly by humans. Its like they made the race so they can have a group whom they can blame all their problems on.

Also do other species have other beliefs? I know that most non-humans don’t summon demons, so I was curious to know if their demons are different in their myths. I know the elves are old enough to have their own beliefs and could possibly come to other conclusions about demons, but the other races are questionable. I doubt different races have identical beliefs and myths.