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Definitely not omnipotent!

They wish!

Well…all I can say about those mythologies is this…at one time those stories were part of what people called religion. The stories of Zeus, Heracles, Aphrodite, etc. That was what human beings in ancient Rome and Greece, in all their so-human folly, believed to be ‘gospel’ those stories were their Bible. it was mainly oral, but eventually written down.

If you can question how those people could believe in that non-sense, they you must also see why someone from outside of the Judeo-Christian-Muslim world might say the same about the stories in the books of those religions.

So it’s interesting that you ask if they are omnipotent, the ancient gods were never omnipotent, the JCM G-d is omnipotent, and if you ask me, an omnipotent, omniscient deity brings up even more questions than those posed by the ancient gods…

But then, I am a demon, it is my job to spread heresy in all forms.

But, of course, it’s always better to read non-fiction, like DoA than to read fiction like these other books.