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That would probably be a question for Maelen.

However, I don’t think that would be possible, the elemental “tides” if you will, would pull you apart.

For example, wizards don’t usually combine more than two elements at a time in a given adhoc spell, typically sympathetic elements.

When they do need to use multiple elements, those are typically larger rituals involving pentacles and runes and braziers and stuff. I.e. they’ve got a lot of moving parts and they take precaution to blend things carefully.

The vast majority of Elementalists (animages) only specialize in one element. Yes they may do the others, but specialization is usually a single element.

Trying to do all four would require tremendous skill and will power.

Also remember Tom is sort of cheating. he’s a demon, demons have a natural affinity for fire (OK—yes you got me Ice demons are an exception, or so they would seem, but they are really just the inverse of fire, e.g. cold fire as we call it–the ice is a by-product created by freezing moisture out of the air)