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Well, I’d have needed to get a look at that stupid mirror to know what he was looking at.

But it does seem to me that if there were big piles of demons higher up in the cathedral, they could block the visibility of demons in the lower regions…and of course there were a lot down there….

I believe Maelen was higher up in the Palace when he encountered Ramses & Exador walking around, so they’d be on “top” and possibly lots of others stacked below in the 2D project of a 3 dimensional space…see Interstellar for a similar discussion of 4D and 5D spaces….

Of course, you might wonder how I know this, but I was hanging out in this wormhole when…

OK, back to the topic…hmm…I forgot what I was talking about…

..hmm…well lots of people seem to have had trouble placing an exact level on Tom. We know Lenamare thought he was a minor demon, then suddenly he’s greater and who knows now….of course I was not aware that demon levels could jump like that (they generally can’t) so it could also just be a lot of people who can’t take a good reading…

I have to be honest, after hanging out with this guy in Tom’s cave…I don’t get the impression he’s overly fastidious about accuracy and the scientific method….he’s more like “judge guilt first and determine crimes later…”