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I was also wondering too where the other ‘intelligent’ species are. There is almost no direct mention in the first book except those two naked satyrs and vampires which are really backgound roles. Looking around this site, there seem to be a large numbers of intillegent species. I especially favor minotaurs and other anthormorpic animals. I wonder if Tom will meet any of them.

Also, such difference in races tends to result to war. Are there factions of these creatures (including human) who are in war with other speices? Will such a war appear in book two?

Also, how are succubae and incubae created? Creation of normal demons like Tom and Bog is well explained in book 1, but how succubae and incubae be different from normal demons isn’t really explained.

Also, would Rupert become stronger? I know he is a type four demon but still he is very young so the possibility of power increase is possible.