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Well, I’ve never met an angel so I don’t know.

My guess would be is that they are something like demons, PLUS they can channel mana like a priest, only more of it.

Which, in general, might make them more powerful. Again don’t know any, so can’t say for sure.

If you want to understand humans, you are asking the wrong demon….

Yes, most all species have beliefs, some are atheists…a lot of stuff that doesn’t fit the standard model is religion specific and those beings, I assume live on outer planes provided by their pantheons.

But almost all races/groups believe in demons/evil spirits/djinn/etc. They often get them confused or mixed up, but this is just misconception, missr-ecognition, and simple ignorance/etc.

For one thing, most “people” have to admit to facts on the ground, and if a demon was summoned with a mispronounced name, killed its summoner and is now free to roam Astlan, that is generally a fact on the ground that is hard to ignore.