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[quote=Maou;677]Why haven’t the demons summoned a large number of demons themselves that are protected by the more powerful demons and free from wizards as some sort of contingency plan against wizards or as some kind of demonic hoard.[/quote]A faster way to get more demon (unbound souls seems to be pretty rare) would be by breeding them…
[quote=Maou;729]Yes as an obviously new demon Tom seems to have managed to father a miniature version of himself roughly ten years of age. He was clearly working quite fast. He is likely related to Rupert somehow, but I don’t know how. Their has to be a powerful connection however as demons don’t normally look so much alike. They are balors and they can potentially rule over all lesser demons.
[/quote]Since we know Rupert can shapechange, I would guess he looks like Tom, because he (Rupert) thinks he should look like him.