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So one moment you are bummed because you are getting too much information and it is spoiling the next book for you

And the next you want to leave because you might not be?

And they say I’m insane? o:)

This is life…this is how you find truth…you experience it, you collect information from various sources, not all of which are accurate, some of which might be deceptive, you then have to put the pieces together and figure out which ones you believe and which ones you don’t.

That’s how science works, that’s also how religion should work…that’s actually how all good stories work. (Of course, DoA being non-fiction, this isn’t applicable here but…)

That being said…this author guy is the one who’s lying. Remember, I am telling him the story, he lives in your world, not mine, nor Astlan. He’s never actually been to Astlan. So I don’t know how he thinks he knows more than I do. He’s just a guy with a hell of a lot of ego.

I wouldn’t believe anything he says.

Trust me. I am the truth, I am the way and the light! I am Tizzy!