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So maybe I should repeat and expand on what I said a little bit ago in another topic….

Tizzy is a demon. He is also insane. I hate to burst his bubble, but he is not omniscient and there is no guarantee anything he says is true.

In fact, if you want a “real spoiler” a lot of characters, in the book(s), in the Library Documents/Appendices, and in the forum are going to tell you what they know to be true, or what they believe to be true. That doesn’t make it so.

So for example, if one character says one thing as fact, and another character says something else that is contrary…that’s not a plot inconsistency just like in real life you have to judge which one to believe by weighing the evidence. The same is true for all the articles/documents you and or Tom have been reading. They are some scholars writings/beliefs/knowledge. They could have some stuff wrong, or all of it.

That’s actually something of why I have so many different points of view. I know from some reviews the large number of different points of view drive some people nuts. Truth is mutable.

Also, remember Tizzy is a likable demon. he will tell people things to get them to like him. So, who knows? he could just be agreeing with Maou to get him to like him, and pulling stuff out of his pipe storage….