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yes, they spoke his name correctly. Jehenna misspelled it on the ring. It’s from a different language easy to do.

Of course, neither will ever believe this is the reason the ring didn’t work. The thought that either of them could have made a mistake like a “spelling error” is just inconceivable to them.

You can’t actually cast the spells on yourself. The “spirit” has to be dis-corporeal on the astral plane and the caster has to be in Astlan using/manipulating material components, vocalizations and somatic gestures (to borrow from AD&D terminology) so someone else would have to do it.

Next, there may be other factors. Astlanian’s can see people from other planes of man that have relatively close sets of physical laws/mana levels. It’s only certain “Earths” where the rules and mana levels are so far different that the wizards see “glowing balls of light” rather than people like themselves. It “may” also be related to the difference in the laws of nature on the different plane.

Not saying that this is the case; but something causes people from those planes to look different than people. That might play into it somehow.

Of course. I know the truth. The author doesn’t. Yet. he hasn’t arranged to pay me for the next couple books yet. However, he is, now, finally, making good on his payment promises to me for the first book. :-”

Also, the wizards don’t “now” know anything. The only two wizards that know about Tom/Edwyrd and Rupert are Damien and Gastrope’ the general assumption they had when they found out (and that the Rod has), and what others will realize in book ii about the ArchDemons is that some demons can shape change into humans.

Occam’s Razor…simplest answer. Clearly the demons can shape change. If a wizard can turn someone into a frog, then big, unfortunate, surprise that some demons can change into humans.