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Oh. This reminds me. There’s another ‘bug’ in the book: the second time Antifalken meets Lilith they discuss Tom as if they discussed him before, but there’s no mention of it in the first scene or at any point after that. Hope you’ll fix this in the later editions.

As to the appendix… I don’t think you need hyperlinks there. Like I said before it’s needed for fan fiction and to make fan fiction one needs to actually be a fan which implies reading the damn book cover to cover 🙂

[quote]He probably should have shown a reaction like “Why the hell am I living in a cave, when there is a city I could live in?”[/quote]
Personally my first reaction would be “There’s a city here??? WTF??? Why didn’t Tizzy or Bogey even mention that there was one?” I don’t actually remember it being mentioned in front of Tom until after he brought his kid to the Abyss (at which point, btw, he should’ve noticed his kid talking about something he’s never heard of considering how much of reader’s attention you attract by mentioning it). Same for the “boom tube”.

Oh, and another bug I just remembered was about demon sight. At first it seems that a demon needs to shapeshift his eyes to use the sight, but then Tom uses it while he’s looking for invisible demons along with whats-his-name which should be noticeable when you walk around with a person for two hours, considering how different demons’ eyes are. And further in the book I think Tom uses it again in human form in public and no one notices.