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Here Here! I really like Korwin’s approach to getting more demons!

I’m all in, now, someone just needs to convince Bess to give it a go with me!

It may not be as efficient, but I’m willing to put in the extra effort to get it right, if we have to have sex a million times over a few weeks, then, hell I guess I can do my part. Remember, I can do double duty! :d/

Something I will point out. Some of it is directly in the book, some you have to read between the lines.

Rupert had never seen his demon form, until on the ship.

When his demon features started emerging, he locked himself down so as not to be revealed as a demon.

This is where the confusion in his age comes from. He’s not as young as he looks. He just stopped aging when he locked his form in his pre-pudemic state.

He’s really more like 12 years old, he was country folk, his mom didn’t really keep things marked down, so even he doesn’t know exactly when his birthdate was, just a rough year.