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[quote]My prior statement was that due to the sheer magnitude of their lives that most demons will eventually reach the full potential of their talents and thus level off in power. [/quote]

I did not mean this to mean they can’t grow any stronger, I simply meant it to mean they may not grow stronger naturally anymore. Experience, study, and training will still allow them to grow further, but at this point they will generally grow at a much slower rate.

[quote]Success leads to genius and failure leads to insanity.[/quote]

Here I simply meant that most true leaps forward are made by those with fluid mindsets who can think outside of the box that the average person would view a situation from. This does however lead to those with a different view of the world as to being labeled insane as people don’t typically like people who think differently than them as much as those who think like them. These people will try new things and if successful they will be hailed as a genius, but if they fail they will be labeled as a nutjob for trying to accomplish the impossible.

[quote]By Astlanian standards Tom is abnormal or insane, and thus now could be the peak of his innovation.
Again he views things from a seperate point of view. He still lacks the perception of the world that many native Astlanians have and this alternative means of interpretation could lead to a few new aspects of magic being uncovered and could lead to a difference in how he chooses to wield said magic in a different way.

[quote]Most consider him a madman, but despite pissing off many demons stronger than himself he is still alive. Demons aren’t that lucky and I lack faith in coincidence. This leads one to conclude that Tizzy has some atypical skills so as to be still alive to this day.

While demons are immortal, they can be killed. It is the reason why many demons rarely fight somebody of a higher rank, sure they could torture you, but a more powerful demon could torture you, but a more powerful demon might permanently end a weaker demon simply due to annoyance as we might swat a fly. Demons do often stay alive for long periods of time, but they are on occasion killed by wizards, holy orders, and other demons. Demons are not true immortals. They can be killed, not be age or illness, but by spells or anything else that could destroy their manabody or soul.

The regenerative ability is well known so should one purposefully decide to kill a demon it is not impossible to overcome. As for coincidence, their is plenty in the book, however in most instances it has been used for humor, to fuel paranoia, or both. Many books have to much coincidence to be believable. This is a work of fantasy, but to have a destined coincidentally fulfill many obscure events only to have them be important later is strange. Not every one you meet will have an impact on your life later. Also proper villains would kill the heroes instead of giving them multiple multiple near death situations. Instead of letting a future threat roam free they would stab them in the face. They would not give a speech and then set them free, but simply kill them.