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For me it was three things: The cover, the price, and the description

First the cover. It is a mixed bag, on one hand it is colorful and draws the eye. On the other the demon isn’t very good, and looks like a generic render. Most of all though it evokes images in my mind that this is a bad D&D campaign that someone slapped into eBook format and put it on amazon

Next the price. It made me hesitant to pay that much for a first time self publisher author.

Last the description. It is mostly about the pot he smoked in the beginning and was never mentioned again, it makes a small plot point seem like a major part of the story. While I don’t have anything against that in and of itself, that makes it leave the impression that the story is targeted to a very YA audience with a romance focus.

On the plus side for me was the many positive reviews and the fact I hadn’t heard a premise quite like it before and I’m a avid reader. Going from our world to a fantasy one yes, but not kidnapped and turned into a demon.

These are what caught me despite my reservations and I’m glad because I loved the book