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Again you are defining scientific method not science itself. Again the two are not the same. If you keep defining scientific method and not science then we can’t make headway.

Also they are rudiments of science method, as you say, but that does not mean they are scientific methods.


OK. I was over reacted at that time. Really I was so dismayed by what The Author Guy says. He kinda hit my berserk button and I go all out. Now that I have cooled down (it was so long ago), I kinda almost forgot it.

Huh? I never said anything in this line. I checked my posts and nope there is none.

Also, things that doesn’t add up is very important to science. If things don’t add up, then it is worth investigating. The popular example would be the particle-wave nature of light. The facts just don’t add up and has befudled scientist for years. The research into it lead to rather amazing discoveries.


I concede. I agree with your statement about this site. Never should have made an outburst like that. Sorry for making a rukus.

As for mana… I can’t really just accept your statements now. The Author Guy warns me so. I have to study what you say and separate the truth from the lies cross referencing it with other sources and make some more studies. Maybe able to make a proper conclusion few weeks hence…. Aargh! Why does everything has to be made complicated.