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To play devil’s advocate (ha ha) for Lenamare…who to be honest I don’t like, and I don’t care that he sometimes reads this forum.

By the way, he does sometimes read this forum, so you probably want to be careful about angering him. He’s not as bad about indiscriminate “polymorph other” type spells as Exador but…he does know the salt trick….

But to my point he’s actually not just one man, he’s a School of wizards that works for him (as much as he’d hate to admit it)

And now that he’s kicked Exador and friends out of town on their ass…he’s got the entire council at his back. Or…ooops…spoilers…can’t telll you what I was just writing.

Now of course, Exador has allies as well…but to be honest, and I can say this as a demon myself, they aren’t exactly trustworthy allies. Also not clear how they enjoyed having their armies destroyed…of course whether they are more mad at Lenamare for killing them or Exador for loosing them depends solely on Exador’s powers of persuasion.

Demons, particularly ArchDemons are a fickle lot. One minute your friend, the next your enemy.

Thank goodness none of the Demon Princes have gotten involved. If Lillith or her boy toys ever found out about what’s going on in Astlan, they’d probably jump right in and then we’d all be screwed.