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Any spirit plane is bound to have some sentience, and sentience leads to divergence over time. The spiritual planes would be the hardest to recognize and the afterlife is often seen as a spiritual plane. Angels are often seen as similar to demons by heretics it stands to reason that both are spiritual beings to some extent as both tie into religion. A plane of spirit could look like anything and might shift with perception. The abyss is a natural plane as nothing maintains it and it has the Styx. The river which all must pass over to reach the afterlife. As the river of souls it could possibly have some connection to plane of spirits. It is the only thing I know of present in all afterlives in story that all must pass to move on to their believed afterlife. It is also very strange and should be questioned for appearing in all afterlives in spite of the fact that nobody has knowledge of its origins. If nobody created it then it must be natural, and therefore it must be a reflection of one of the elements. Elements are the only things that are reflected in multiple realities regardless of origin and the river shows up in as a bridge to the afterlife, so a connection to spirits as it draws them to itself. I would say more, but this is all pure speculation, so saying that the Styx is an indicator to a spiritual plane is pure speculation. The Styx is however a strange river or whatever it is. Regardless I don’t recommend drinking or swimming in the river as anything referred to as the river of the dead is likely something you don’t want to come into contact with. It’s also okay in the abyss. Again, spiritual planes have to exist, but will be influenced by perception and hard to recognize. My thought was the Abyss was Astlan’s spiritual plane and the afterlives of the god’s where merely alternate perceptions or reflections of the spirit by the people.