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Well, I’m not an expert on Astlanian dragons, because I don’t get to see that many, I know the Demon Dragons which I suppose are D’Dragons…

I sort of think that the Abyss dragons are the demon form of dragons summoned from other worlds like humans/elves/etc that become demons. But not sure.

I have seen quite a variety of size in demon dragons from almost human sized to really really huge, bigger than Smaug, btw, he was a great fellow, little paranoid, admittedly, but nice guy as dragons go…

I can speak to the ice dragons that I fought, those had about a 25-30 wing span (hard to tell cause they were flapping) So they would have a slightly large wingspan and body than Tom. Probably about the same size as the one he fought, although I never saw his myself.

Of course, not sure those things are really dragons cause, they were meltable/made out of ice. I am reasonably certain that the dragons those orcs ride in their raiding parties are organic, living creatures.

Actually, if you look at that picture on this [url=]website.[/url] You can get a pretty good idea of the organic type in Astlan.

The orcgre is about 10 feet tall, his slave is about the same height as Rupert, maybe a bit taller. The other orcs range in height from about 5’7 to 8′ tall.