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Nargh…had a post was trying to screw with uploading an image and using the forum albums and lost the damn text.


Long and short of what I’d said.

I am not a necromancer, this is way beyond my pay grade.

However, I don’t think it’s that simple. First souls are animus collections, I think you’d run a serious risk of ending up with both souls leaking and getting dissipated into nature.

If you could merge, then you have the question of will they mix or are they water and oil?

Next you’d have to integrate the consciousness of the individuals, this would be a battle of wills and it’s not clear that the instigator would win.

I think, that if you were to do this, it would be safer to use the biological animus manipulation engines built into the later races like humans. E.g. do a physical merge of the two bodies, then biologically assimilate the two entities which would be far safer. However there is still the question of who comes out supreme.

This then, led me to remember my travels on other planes, where in one instance, I ran into this rather unpleasant race in deep space.

Tall skinny grey skinned guys with big heads and tentacles hanging off their jaw. With these tentacles they’d consume the brains (virtually I think) feeding on the brain emanations: emotions, thoughts, memories any thing intense…they liked to stimulate the brains to induce strong reactions that they could feast on. Eventually they’d consume the entire consciousness of the victim, and then assimilate it into themselves.

I am not sure what happened to the brain dead bodies and any remaining animus…I don’t know if they later ate those or what, or if there was any ‘soul’ left.

And being a potential ‘dinner guest’ I didn’t feel like inquiring too deeply.

So…really a complex question.

here is a Mirror Image I snapped while on the bridge of their ship. The place was really dark, and I didn’t feel comfortable using the mirrors flash spell, since they seemed to like the dark and I didn’t want to be rude.