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Why? Are you planning on stealing my pipe?


There are some secrets no mortal can comprehend.

No demon in their right mind would believe Tom is only a few weeks old. It’s as inconceivable as Demons being “Good”

Plus, if he’s only a few weeks old, where did Rupert come from? I have never seen another demon so close to being an exact copy of another demon before; so they are clearly related.

Mana Weilders and aging: There is…somewhere a discussion of that, an excerpt/interlude I need to find that…

Mostly, but not always. Some people grow old without learning much. Think of animus growth as being tied to experience, life experience specifically. The more you “live” the more you expand your horizons, the more you learn, the more you “stretch yourself” the more animus you gain.

A lot of people have “experiences” the question is, did you learn anything useful from that experience? Were you able to progress as a person, a worker, an artist a whatever? Typically the more and varied experience you have the more you are able to use what you’ve learned from this in more complex ways, ways that “make you more powerful” than someone that didn’t have those experiences.

It’s not tied to “wisdom” per se, as if that were a “stat” but think of older people, some are quite wise, learned and experienced and can relate and use that experience in various ways, and share it and teach it. Think of the Guru on the mountain. On the other hand, there are some people who at 70 or 80 are still just as naive, ignorant and unable to deal with the world than they could as a kid.

If you were to write a game based on the books then you’d try to correlate XP and Animus in some fashion. but it’s not exact because a game is just an approximation of what happens in the books and for that matter in real life.

So why are some people stuck their entire life at being a 5th level Electricians or Cab Drivers or Doctors for their entire life, but other people end up as 25th level Master Builders or Programmers?

Finally, never trust a human. They are always lying, promising not to hurt you and then torturing you for hours on end.

Only trust demons, we are the only reliable people in the universe. Except for Bess….that really hurt….