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They will likely wonder who he is and think he is serving Lenamare to oppose them. A type IV could never do what he did, so he must be a V. V’s can be summoned, but can’t be well controlled if at all. Nobody would believe him to be a novitiate animage with less than 1 year of practice. His overwhelming displays of ability passed solely on what he can do from talent are staggering. If he is a prodigy all will believe him to have been in hiding for centuries or millennium waiting to enact a plan. His growth will likely be explosive and confuse the abyss out of all parties as they search for some inklings of his past which Rupert seems to indicate exist, but do not. They will spend a lot of time looking for what he has done and who knows him and will find nobody. Since he is gifted with linkmastery as shown by tapping god mana, he will likely do something about the bindings on himself or others as well. Wheter this be severing the link, unbinding the demon, or using it against the wizard who is master is merely guesswork at this time, but he will likely stare down Len in the near future. Len knows he was their and will likely try to summon him. Tom being impulsive, and not desiring to leave Rupert with Tizzy(a negative influence to the development of children) will likely do something to cause more panic without knowing why. His refusal to look ignorant will thus lead him to do amazing unheard of feats unaware. Again more panic and inquiries into his background that find nothing. He is going to worry these paranoid people to the extreme with his lack of information available to him. He’s a major player that appeared from nowhere who few would believe to be new.
They will likely try to figure out where his motives and allegiance lie. Their maybe proposal for alliance between them and he might ally himself with them if they split. Overall their reaction will likely be shock, fear, and apprehension. It takes effort to surprise these people, and they don’t like surprises that could hinder them. It shows a hole in their intelligence. They will look for a problem that doesn’t exist and possibly try and mimic what he did.