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Like all societies demons will have a range of behaviors with most leaning towards the average and a few outliers on either end. If most demons are lazy it is likely do to their long monotonous lives as they have an abundance of time, but their would still be a small number of people who would always search for something new. Tom is at the moment an eccentric demon. Eccentrics in demon society can exist on either end of typical demon behavior in certain aspects.

Tizzy is extremely eccentric and yet he is alive. If his eccentric qualities where bad, then somebody would have killed him long ago. His continued survival indicates he has a highly beneficial quality, not sure what, but it exists. Through sheer statistical probability some who enjoy research and bettering themselves exist. The Big C who lead the demons could even be like this. Not sure really as he has been gone for quite some time now.

Ones personality is shaped by their actions, so if a person devoted years or decades to self improvement in matters martial, intellectual, and arcane, they might just continue to do so later. Demons aren’t often like this as they often go into a panic attack or hysterics after arriving. They are then often summoned frequently and tortured before they can return to the abyss and this often warps their personalities. Many of the other more powerful demons also grew up like with another powerful demon as the more powerful wizards might keep more than one, and I’m assuming when the majority of them where summoned their was a lot of power plays. Tom’s unique in the relative political and mental stability, lack of supervision, and freedom he has due to a number of factors as he often leaves the abyss despite his short time their, and likely due to the fact that he will probably find a way to reverse the link and gain control of Len in the near future.