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See the rest of you?

This is the sort of loyalty wizards demand of their demons!

Fortunately for you, you’ve already signed up. When you sign up for this site we place a link on you so we can summon your wallet when we need to!

There will be posts and updates here about the next book, and we’ll send out a summons via the mana link when it’s time for your next financial sacrifice!

Glad you liked the book, now of course, I have to ask.

No pressure to get it right.

No intimidation, it’s not like someone’s going to open a demonic gateway in your bedroom and torture you all night if you get it wrong. Hint Hint.

But, who, do you think was the greatest hero in this book? The most magnificent character and true paragon of virtue and sincerity? The most fully realized, got it together character? The one that the readers most empathize with?

Just curious.