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I did find this novel somewhat refreshing. The formerly human protagonist gets over his obsession about no longer being human and killing hostile humans very quickly. He might not enjoy it, but at least he doesn’t let most of his enemies live to try and kill him again. Tal is a really nice guy, but if Tom had met him later he likely would not have tried to reason with him as he a headstrong zealot who fully believes in his mission. He hasn’t forgotten who he was, but he has changed without nearly driving himself insane.
In a lot of novel a human or formally human protagonist will choose to side with a humanity that is either actively shunning or hostile to them. Humans might have been or are currently the worst of the races and everybody else just wants revenge. Then the hero who should want the same chooses to save them, despite the fact that the world might have been better if they got knocked down a few pegs.
Don’t really hate humans, but when any other species or non-Caucasian race often in fantasy steps out of line they are swiftly crushed without remorse or a second thought. Not saying that’s always the case, but dark-skinned or nonhuman races always seem to get the short end of the stick. I have no idea where this story is going, but I hope to see lots of death and chaos and maybe progress for humans. A type IV needs the Rod’s greatest knight and 3/4 of their forces to suppress by themselves, a strong four, but still a four. Their are hundreds of IV’s and and 100+ type V+ so clearly the demons have the superior fire power, if they could stop fighting each other. They might work together to kill off all the wizards and burn off all their books that have names in them for a time, but chaos is the only true thing keeping them from overrunning the place. The book obviously has power names in it and possibly a method for controlling and suppressing type V+. Near as I can figure passed on a cryptic conversation.
The hero is not a saint and should not be shown as merciful, strong, and kind. A tolerant strong hero who removes obstacles is fine.