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Demons of Astlan Players

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Archimage of Garander, Elder member of the Council.  Elected PV 411 (2 previous tenures).  Alexandros is the most esteemed wizard in Astlan and consider the most influential (and powerful) wizard of the last 200 years.
Alvea is a senior student at Lenamare’s Academy of Wizardry.  Alvea is currently dating Rex Asmith.

The Archdemon Amadeus is the Demon Prince Asmodeus’ Senior Major Domo

Apostles of Doom

Antefalken is thought to be a lesser demon by many and is currently known to be associated with Inquisitor Damien.  His small stature, good looks and unusual habit of wearing clothes, has gained him a level of familiarity around Freehold and a fondness among local women who are not concerned about their reputation.

In point of fact, however, Antefalken is actually a fairly old Major Demon with extremely good connections to the Abyssal elite.  Most today do not realize that he is in fact the same bard who composed many famous historical ballads over the last several hundred years, include the legendary “Battle of Vizenheim” nearly 500 years ago.  Antefalken’s Reach on the northern most shores of Norelon is also named after him.  Antefalken has recounted events from nearly a thousand years ago to Councilor Damien in a manner implying he was there, however this could simply be bardic license.

Prince Ariel, son of Auberon and Titania, along with his twin sister, Umbriel, are heirs to the Throne of the Los Sidhe.  As such they also alternate as the representatives of the Los Sidhe in the Grove.

Captain Asmeth is a ship captain hauling cargo between various points in Eton and Norelon.  He is wanted by the Oorstemothian Constabulary.

Demon Prince closely allied with Lillith.  Self styled “Law of Evil”

Arch-Vicar Barabus is the Supreme Commander of the Rod of Tiernon

Bartholomew is the Lord Chamberlain of Turelane and Randolf’s chief valet.

Bastion is a Los Alfar ranger stationed in Murgatroy.

Nuren Alfar, Chief Navigator of the Nimbus.

Supreme Archon of Tiernon.

Bess is an archdemon and ally of Exador and Ramses.  She was gone from the Courts for over five thousand years during which time she was residing in the Hinterlands.  She returned 150 years ago after discovering her nemesis had been gone for the last 4000.


Shaman Mistress of the Olafa Horde on Ithgar


 Boggy is a known associate, and in fact the only demon known to have a long term friendship with the demon Tisdale.  Boggy is known to be extremely entrepreneurial, when not being tormented by his Accursed Master.


Tal Gor’s oldest brother.

Apostles of Doom

Senior Helmsman of the Inferno

Dryadic Elder of the Grove

Catamite and adviser to Ranolf Archimage of Turelane

Inquisitor Damien is a sitting Councilor and currently the Council Inquisitor.  Daminen de Bardoux is the youngest wizard to earn a seat on the Council of Wizardry.

Jenn’s aetóên guard.

An archer serving in the Rod, was possessed by the demon Tom in Book 1.  As a devotee of Saint Hilda of Rivenrock, he is chosen as her man at arms in Astlan.

Daphne is the Elder Nymph of the Grove.

Archimage of Markforton, Member of the Council.  Elected PV 431.

Delapodos is the Beggar Mesiter of Freehold.

 Edwyrd is Rupert’s cousin and an Animage.  He appears to be about the same age as Jenn, but seems unusually skilled for his age.  He is known to be a  Pyromaster, however he claims to have had a liberal education and there is evidence of him being equally skilled in several other animagic disciplines.


Apostles of Doom

Centuries old human druid, currently the Senior Elder of the Grove.

Master Elrose is the senior instructor in Enchantment and Sorcery at Lenamare’s Academy of Wizardry.  He has served at both Jehenna’s and Lenamare’s request on various Council Committees over the years. 


Demon slave of Vaselle.


Evert is a young lad working as Ship’s Boy on Captain Asmeth’s ship.
  The current Lord Exador is a wizard of extreme renown and sitting member of the Council of Wizardry.  The long line of Exadors goes back well over a thousand years.  The name Exador is a given name that is passed down from father to son each generation.  Each Exador has a second name and thus sons may be told apart.  All non head of household Exadors go by their second name, only using the name Exador when attaining the title. 


Burgomaster of Yorkton, Councilor of Magisters, Brother in Law of Sier Barvon Archimage of Yorkton

Vice Shaman of the Rockgut Horde on Romdan


Tal Gor’s second order brother.

Son of Zelda, Colleague in Mischief of Rupert.

Fiernon is the principle witness to recent demonic activities infringing upon Oorstemothian sovereignty.

Foéren is a guardian attached to Trevin’s detail.

Sir Gadius is a Knight Rampant of Tiernon.  Sir Gadius is famous for his fair hair and complexion, his brilliant silvery white chain mail and his steed, Peace Bringer, a white unicorn.

Sir Gaius is a Knight Rampant of Tiernon.  He is of Natooran descent, wears obsidian chain mail and rides the black unicorn, War Bringer.

Lord Chairman of the Council of Wizardry.  Elected PV 421
Gastrope’ is a Pyromancer and Conjuror who has recently chosen to take his first job after Wizard School as a Combat Wizard for Lord Exador’s army. 


Gemma is one of Damien’s apprentices.

Gnome and son of Gnorman, Chief Engineer of the Nimbus.



Engineer for the mountain train into the Grove

Grubeck is the cook in charge of feeding the students and school staff (non-tenured).at Lenamare’s Academy of Wizardry.

Apostles of Doom
Wing Arms Master of the Oorstemothian Fleet, Lord Protectator of Oorstemoth and the Council of Justice, Duly Recognized Agent of High Justice, and Commander of the One-Thousand Four-Hundred and Thirteenth Sky Fleet of Oorstemoth

Trevin D’Vils’s aetóên guardian.

Saint in the service of Tiernon.   From Rivenrock on Eton, Hilda is a former Sister of Tiernon who perished saving the children of Rivenrock from a Necromancer and his undead horde.  Canonized shortly after her death in 235 PV.

Master Hortwell is the chief Master of Rune Magic and Primary Instructor in Conjury as Lenamare’s Academy of Wizardry.  Master Hortwell is widely considered to be one of the most skilled Rune Mages in both Eton and Norelon, He has served many times on Council Committees by near unanimous request of the Council.


Iskarus is the Arch-Diocate of the Church of Tiernon for Eastern Free Eton and Northwest Norelon.  The Arch-Diocate is the ranking spiritual authority for Tiernon with their region.
Aristocratic first daughter to the House Trumane, Councilor Jehenna of the Council of Wizardry is one of the foremost wizards in Astlan.  In addition to being a sitting Councilor, she is also Head Mistress at Lenamare’s Academy of Wizardry.


Jenn is a Journeyman Thaumaturge and senior student at Lenamare’s School.  Mistress Jehenna has apparently decided to make it her mission to make Jenn’s life a living hell.


Jorg is a Seer and soldier he is very large and strong and provides the backbone for retrieving patients for Jenn’s catcher carpet.

Master Wizard and Councilor Lenamare needs no real introduction.  He is widely known as a Master Wizard and researcher, currently holding more spell patents than any other member of the Council of Wizardry.  As a sitting member of the Council, Lenamare is perhaps best known for his highly flexible and scale-able Multi-Harmonic Wards of Protection.  He is also renowned as one of the foremost Conjurors in Astlan.  His prestigious Academy of Wizardry has some of the highest entry requirements of any wizard school.   

 Conferation of Master of Conjury PV 418  
 Triple Flame PV 421 Youngest recipient ever of the Triple Flame (highest award in Conjury)  at the age of 18.
 Conferation of Master of Pyromancy PV 421  
 Conferation of Master of Rune Magic PV 422  
  Conferation of Master of Enchantment PV 424   
  Conferation of Master of Thaumaturgy PV 425  
 Golden Vizier PV 426 Best new spell in the last date for Lenamare’s Multi-Harmonic Wards of Protection
 Conferation of Master of Sorcery PV 426  
 Elected Councilor of Wizardry PV 426 A tenure that has been twice renewed by semi-unanimous vote.
 Patented Fleece PV 432 The Library of Wizardry awards Lenamare the Patented Fleece for having the most spell patents of any wizard in Library history.


Co-Factor of the Abyss, Consort of Sammael, Arch-Rival of Sammael

Brother of the late Tier Bastion of the Council of Wizardry

Maelen’s aetóên guardian.

  Maelen is a Master Seer and Animage, he is a member of the Society of Learned Fellows and is based out of the City of Seren in Etonia.   

Tal Gor’s mother.

Meat Maker of the Broken Tusk tribe is the master of Mugatroy’s wargtown.

Melissance is a former High Priestess of Tiernon who was also the Lady of Sir Talarius.  She and her flock succumbed to ghoulism and she was subsequently damned to the the Abyss.

Member of Council of Magi, Master Wizard, secret priestess of the Nyjyr Ennead.  

Apostles of Doom

Moradel is the Attendant Archon of Tiernon charged with overseeing the god’s activities in Astlan.

Neelon is the senior Los Alfar in Murgatroy, he is the grandfather of the ranger Bastion.   Neelon is around 8,000 years old.

Paulinas is a gnome Healer and Aeromaster aboard Jenn’s catcher carpet.

Penelope is a nymph and a combat geomancer.  She is assigned to Peter and Gastropé’s combat carpet.

Human combat carpet pilot.  Peter is the pilot for Gastropé’s carpet.

Elrose’s aetóên guardian.

First Shaman of the  Nart Tribe on Etterdam; distant descendant of the legendary orc warrior Argh-nargoloth. 


Archdemon and ally of Bess and Exador.

Archimage of Turelane, Councilor of Wizardry.  Employs Exador asthe Mage of Turelane, Randolf’s right hand.

Born 405 PV. Elected PV 421. Randolf is the hereditary Archimage of Turelane.

Randolf has an heir Prince Ardashir born in 429 PV and a bastard son, Darien born 433 PV.


Reggie is the teenager who purchased joints from a shady dealer in Manhattan and gave one to Tom at Paul’s party.

Rex is a senior student and Lenamare’s Academy of Wizardy, he is currently dating Alvea Aeson.

Lackies and henchmen of Lillith.

Rothgar is Archimage Randolf’s Lord Chancellor.

Young boy in school at Lenamare’s Academy.  

Tal Gor’s father.

Co-Factor of the Abyss, Consort of Lillith.  Arch-Rival Lillith

Representative of the Satyrs of the Grove


Sentir Fallon is a legendary Elder Archon of Tiernon and warrior who in years past was known for direct activity on the Planes of Man.

Sir Lady Serah is a Knight Rampant of Tiernon.  Sir Lady Serah is famous for riding the hippogrif Aeros, and wearing dragon scale armor.

Archimage of Yorkton, Member of the Council.  Elected PV 431.

Soo An is Tal Gor’s sister.

Sir Sorel is a Knight Rampant of Tiernon who rides his trusted griffin Helios.

Sir Stainsberry is a half elf Knight Magus of the El Ohîm currently living in Agnothnom in Nysegard.

Saint Stevos is Tiernon’s Patron Saint of Travelers of the Border Forests near Murgandy and the United Federation.

Targon Thunderhoof is the Chief of the Centaurs residing in the Grove and is also the centaur Elder of the Grove.

Apprentice Shaman of the Crooked Stick Tribe of Astlan.  Wounded by an encounter with a wyvern a few years back, he was apprenticed to the tribe’s shaman, Horrgus Trifeather.


Sir Talarius is the preeminent Knight Rampant of Tiernon, the greatest living knight in the Rod of Tiernon.  His steed is War Arrrow a legendary flying horse.



Talinea is the pilot on Jenn’s Catcher Carpet.

Ach-Diocate Iskerus’ right hand.  Highest ranking priest on the Inferno.

Teragdor is the itinerant priest of Tiernon in the Border Forests and Murgatroy.  He is an illuminary of Saint Stevos.

Tibault, a hearthean, is the Master Procurer for the Nimbus.

 Tizzy is a lesser demon from the Abyss.  He is a well known associate of Bogsworth.  He is well known in the Abyss and generally considered mentally unstable, unreliable and extremely annoying.


Tom is a sophomore in High School in Harding New Jersey.  He and his mother have just recently relocating to Harding from Manhattan after his mother’s divorce from his step father.  Tom’s biological father died in an accident when he was a small child. 

A greater demon from the the Abyss.  Recently discovered on the astral plane by the wizard Lenamare and group of students.  Lenamare successfully bound the greater demon with almost no preparation using simply his indomitable will harnessed to his incredible mastery of wizardry.

Toothsetter is the Wargdoc of Muragatroy’s wargtown.

Enchantress of the Grove, Member of the Council.  Last Elected PV 436. (3 previous tenures)

Gastropé’s aetóên guardian.

Of the Oak Clan serving as Second Shaman aboard the OCSS SkullCrusher in the Antilles Star Cluster of Gormegast


Tal Gor’s aunt.

Master Trisfelt is the head Thaumaturge at Lenamare’s Academy of Wizardry.  His stature in Thaumaturgy is widely known; one particular specialty of his is the study of fermentation, distillation and brewing.  As such, wine masters, brewers and distiller’s frequently consult with him on methods and spells for improving their product. 
Archimage of Tureledor, Member of the Council.  Elected PV 431.

Uripes is the High Chaplain of Tiernon in Freehold.  There are currently no temples of Tiernon in western Norelon; there are, however, local chapels.


Vaselle is a young wizard with a shop in Freehold where he crafts Arcane Devices for sale.  He is proficient in both Conjury and Rune magic.  His personal demon is Estrebrius. 

Verigas is the ranking priest of Tiernon in the city of Gizzor Del
War Arrow is the trusted companion and steed of Sir Talarius.
Wylan is the Field Protectator Assigned to investigate the Abyssal Violation of Oorstemothian sovereignty.

Zargoffelstan has been bound to Master Hortwell for an extremely long time.  He is Hortwell’s primary spy and assistant.

Zed is a satyr and the rear pilot on Peter’s carpet.

Zelda, daughter of Trogthor, son of Mythgar, son of Steward of the Mount Grognar.   While young, less than thirty years old, and of the fourth generation, Zelda has inherited the pragmatic sense and leadership abilities of her ancestors.

Master Zilquar is a sitting Councilor of Wizardry and head of his world renowned school.  Master Zilquar’s school specializes in Enchantment, Sorcery and Thaumaturgy.  It is most famous for it’s production of extremely reliable flying carpets.

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