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(Second Edition)

Into The Abyss


June 10, 2015

April 4, 2014 

Trade Paperback, eBook 


The Demon Weed

Like any normal High School student, Tom Perkinje had pretty much ignored all the BS from the “Just Say No” crowd when it came to the dangers of pot.  He hadn’t ever smoked any weed, but he knew plenty of people that did.  Thus it was no big deal when his new friend Reggie offered him a joint of this new stuff he’d gotten in Manhattan. 

After all, the whole reason he was at this party was that being the new kid in town, he wanted to make some friends. Try something different from staying at home playing video games and reading science fiction and fantasy novels.  No big deal, right?

Ehhh…unfortunately, that special joint gave Tom a buzz more like what he thought  acid would do than pot.  A few puffs in and he’d gotten this massive case of tunnel vision where the entire party seemed to be happening at the other end of a long tunnel; soon it was like he was having this weird out of body experience looking down at himself.  Within a minute or so he feels like he’s floating  in this place that’s nothing but weird multicolored fog.  Talk about a heavy trip!

The next thing Tom knows, there’s these deranged myopic wizards from some place called Astlan calling on him in some sort of pig Latin mumbo jumbo.  They’ve somehow mistaken Tom for a demon!  He tries to flee but the wizards are relentless and are determined to conjure him into their world and bind him as their demon slave for all of eternity! 

Oh, yeah, and those crazy wizards?  They are about to be at war and plan to use their new demon slave as a secret weapon to obliterate the enemy.
Jenn was a journeyman Thaumaturge at Lenamare’s Academy of Wizardry.  School was a living hell.  Oh, she was learning a lot, thanks to Master Trisfelt, but the Head Master and Head Mistress were insufferable egomaniacs.  Head Mistress Jehenna seemed intent on making Jenn’s life a living hell.

If this wasn’t bad enough, the Head Master, Lenamare, had gone and got in a squabble with another wizard, Exador and now Exador was marching his army on the school.

And to top it off, during what was supposed to be a routine classroom demonstration on demon summoning, Lenamare and the class had stumbled upon what they thought was a minor demon and tried to bind it.

But unfortunately it wasn’t a minor demon.  It was a Greater Demon, something so powerful and Evil that they were almost never conjured onto the Planes of Man.  Naturally being an egomaniac, Lenamare insisted on trying to bind it to his will and use it to destroy Exador and his army.

So the question was:  Would Exador’s army ravage and kill her, or would the school’s newest defense consume her immortal soul?  


Into The Abyss 

April 4, 2014 

Trade Paperback, eBook 



The Heavenly Host

October 1,2015

Trade Paperback, eBook

The dishonorable, cheating Forces of Good have been defeated!

Tom Perkinje, the reluctant Greater Demon and recent transplant from Harding NJ to the Abyss has defeated and captured the not-so-valiant Sir Talarius, Knight Rampant of Tiernon and has humiliated and demoralized the army known  as the Rod of Tiernon, that helped Talarius cheat in battle with Tom. 

Unfortunately, to do so, he had had to hack the mana streams between the god Tiernon and his High Priests, and now his buddies are telling him that Tiernon is going to send a Host to investigate this unprecedented event.  Oh, and the fact that he reversed a Holy Artifact of Tiernon has not gone unnoticed either.  The folks upstairs are not pleased.

 His actions have completely disrupted the plans of not only the Rod of Tiernon, but also the Sky Fleet of Oorstemoth who had thought to bring Tom to justice for illegally destroying the ship trying to obliterate Tom and his friends.  The two armies are now looking to unite and rescue Talarius and arrest (permanently) Tom.

Of course, there are also the three Arch Demons trying to steal a book that Lenamare, Tom’s Accursed Master, stole from Oorstemoth; and whose demon horde had been infesting the wizard city of Freehold.   

So Tom has managed to anger both the Forces of Good and the Forces of Evil.  However, that pales before his current problem, what exactly does one do with a hostage?


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